Hide and Seek Tips

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Hide and Seek is often considered to be a childrens game but parents can get involved as well. Who wouldn’t want to be parents of the champion of the local neighborhood hide and seek league?

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The most important thing about any activity that involves kids is safety. You want to establish ground rules like only hiding in a house and if nobody finds you within 15 minutes you have to come out. You could also have walkie talkies so if the seekers give up that they can tell that to the hider and the hider is to reveal themselves immediately. If you have young kids you don’t want them to hide in the dryer or washing machine or even worse the oven! Make sure to lay out hide and seek ground rules! You don’t want your kid wandering off god knows where to hide!

Now that you know the ground rules what are some ways to become a hide and seek champion. First, being short and small is an advantage as that gives you more places to hide. Second, you should try to be as quiet as possible so as not to notify anyone of your surroundings. No giggling! Third, try to hide in a place no one would think to look. But winning hide and seek is not worth your life! Make sure you or your child is hiding in a safe place! Fourth, don’t move anything to hide. Hiding behind the couch may be a great hiding spot but not if you have to move it! Hiding in the closet may be good but if you have to open the door and then shut it again. Someone might hear that as well! If it’s a sliding door closet you may not slide it in the exact place you hide it.

Fifth, since hide and seek involves closing your eyes and counting to 60 or so you should try to make noises to trick your opponent. You can also try to alter objects in certain rooms to make people think you are hiding there. You should only make one or so noise so the seeker doesn’t realize that you are trying to trick them. Only shut one door and then don’t make any other noise so people think you are hiding behind a door.

The harder a place is to get to the better it is to hide in such as an attic which may require a ladder to reach. Don’t hide underneath the jacuzzi cover or underneath a pool cover! Don’t hide inside a mail box that’s scheduled to be shipped that day! Don’t hide inside a place where you can’t breathe!

So you can see that hide and seek requires a lot of strategy but safety must be kept in mind at all times. Playing safe hide and seek is the ultimate tip of all!


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