Highly flexible and anti-abrasive webbing sling

Lifting equipments are designed with excellent bearing capacity to handle heavy duty load in an efficient way. During transportation in commercial, residential and industrial sector, these equipments are ideal for heavy as well as light weighted products. They are designed with additional toughness that makes these products able to do heavy weight loading operations. Therefore, you can also call them material handling equipments manufactured in a plenty of specifications, dimensions and sizes. Sling, a lifting equipment finds applications for the explosive materials with these excellent quality characteristics.

webbing sling is made from polyester yarn to provide efficiency in performing heavy duty operations.

Features of a Webbing Sling

There are a number of features associated with these lifting equipments that are-

• Along with low elongation, these light in weight lifting equipments are easy to handle and use.
• The color code is provided to these equipments in accordance with the latest international standards that provide easy identification
• They minimize risks related to any type of injury while a user use them and also provide protection for cargo surface damage

• With excellent adaptability, it is easy to shape them differently with their high flexibility.
• They provide resistance against abrasion and UV rays
• Designed for both heavy as well as light duty materials, these are cheapest lifting equipments especially when one will use them for smaller load bearing capacity
• The values of lengths as well as layers can be customized according to their applications
• They have resistance against heat up to 100? and cold down to -40?
• Some lines of lack colors are provided on the surface of the sling in order to provide indication about secure and safe working load

Apart from this, they are WLL and length printed and is available in a variety of colors in the marker. Materials like Nylon, PP etc are used to fabricate these lifting equipments with high tensile strength and flexibility along with safety factor ranging from 5:1 to 8:1. Industries like transportation, marine, packaging and many more use them for handling heavy load in an easy and reliable manner.

Types of Webbing Sling

There are several types of slings available in the market in which endless slings, eye slings, and clover leaf slings are major one.

Endless Slings

Endless lifting equipments are also known as round lifting equipments made from polyester yarn with a protective upper layer. They have no end along with high flexibility and anti-abrasive characteristics.

Eye Slings

These kinds of lifting equipments with reinforced eye ends on both sides are ideal to use for hitches of vertical, choker and bucket.

Clover Leaf Slings

This kind of lifting equipment is ideal to handle the movement of different products including fertilizers, grains, coffee, flour etc.