Himalayan Motorbike Tours

Himalayan Tours

As the highest mountain peaks in the world, a Himalayan motorbike tour would bring the ultimate adrenaline rush (even to the experienced or hardcore enthusiast), and a certain feeling of an on the edge (tense) experience of imperceptible height and speed. Or probably create images and visuals or thoughts of imposingly high mountain peaks, difficult terrain, dirt tracks and un-motorable (difficult to ride upon) roads and surfaces.

The Himalayas as the world’s tallest mountain with several snow clad peaks it creates and arouse in the mind a sense of wonderment and achievement (a kind of pride in crossing a barrier perceived impossible) as one traverse’s through impossibly tough and difficult areas like lakes, valleys, rocks combined with loose gravel and unstable ground and mountain surfaces, thick snow surfaces, rickety (shaky) bridges to the high reaches of the world’s highest mountain regions.

Experience and Thrill

Yet the experience and thrill generated can be lifelong and indeed a life changing experience. The physical exertion and mental challenge to traverse such territory, the desire to keep safe and yet remain calm and in control, the ingesting of limited breathable air due to high altitude, and a host of several factors that impose restriction on the body and the mind.
But the natural beauty to behold at each turn can put all these negatives to rest and you start to enjoy the endless surprises that nature has at each turn.

Riding up the mountain passes and several points of crossing, the Himalayan motorbike tours take you to the mountainous state of Himachal Pradesh as you encounter a variety of flora and fauna to the merriment of the heart and the breathtaking scenes that captivate imagination.

The Himalayas with a host of several peaks and rising swathes of territory (land), deep valleys, escarpments, seasonal melting points of snow clad peaks and landslides present challenges in passage and navigation that it takes good skills in any riding to attempt.

The Kashmir Himalayas are on the radar of bikers who wish to see the extremities of nature at impossibly high locations and reaches but also to get a first hand view of breathtaking scenery and locations. Snow clad ranges in the distance are enticing, with bouquets of proud history and legacy.