News Hip tattoos for Girls

Hip tattoos for Girls


This is true that getting tattooed on the skin of any body parts has become a fashion trend for quite a long time. But this is very painful and not many people are aware of its intensity. Tattoos can be done any where on the body parts provided you can withstand the pain Though hip tattoos are liked by many girls as well as boys the area is quite sensitive. This article will try to help you understand about the hip joint and adjacent areas to make you aware about the pain.

Hip Joint

Hip joint consists of the longest and strongest bone of the human body that is called femur bone. The hip area has a set of five bones together. The location of hip area is right on the top of our femur bones or thigh bones. In general we call it leg and the hip joint is located between the femur and the pelvis area. In an adult human three pelvic bones help to form part of the hip joint area. Its main purpose is to carry the body weight in different positions while in standing or running and walking. It also helps to maintain the balance of the body through the hip joint ball and socket.

Hip Tattoos

Any tattoo if it is drawn on hip area has to be small as space near hip is pretty small. So if a large tattoo is selected it will go beyond hip area towards shoulder or more downwards. The hip portion does not have much flesh and more of bones and tissues hence it is more painful to get a tattoo there. So you have to think twice regarding the pain and your tolerance meter. Inking a tattoo on hip area is considered to be quite sexy for the teenagers because of the location itself. They use it for more attraction from the opposite sex. It looks very trendy with bikini or low waist jeans.

Hip Tattoo Designs

Hip area has very less exposure. So any tattoo can be inked on hip joint. Many people have a fascination to paint their lovers name or nickname on hip joint. Other than these flowers like red roses, butterflies, dolphins, angels are also favorable for tattoos. Young men prefer slightly different tattoos like daggers, crossbones or star tattoos. Nautical star quite adores as a girl’s tattoo. Besides these there are Japanese tattoos, American tattoos, Anime tattoos, Indian tattoos are also liked by both girls and boys. But butterfly lower back tattoo is the first choice for hip tattoos for girls. Some are even crazy for tribal tattoos also. Hawaiian flower tattoo among flower tattoos takes precedence.

Whatever design you choose make sure it is appreciated by every one otherwise the amount of pain you would tolerate during tattooing go waste. Not only would this it be even painful while removing also. This is the reason you should select your design very carefully and thoughtfully. It would be wise if you get a temporary tattoo done on your body so that it can be removed easily. If the temporary one is liked by every body then it can be done permanently.

There are lots of tattoo sites on the internet. You can go through any of the sites and have a proper look. If you have any suitable design in your mind you can get that inked too. It is better to paint your own picture of tattoo than to borrow from website. If you are confused you can discuss with your friends or even better consult a professional tattoo artist, then select a tattoo that suits your appearance and temperament. Hip tattoos are highly stylish and trendy but then again if a nice design is chosen which goes on a young female body. From the admiration of the people surrounded by you, you will come to know that taking all the pain for a tattoo is worthy.

Hip tattoos for Girls
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