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Hire an Insurance Agency in Castle Rock for your Policy Needs

Residents and businesses of Castle Rock, CO should get in touch with a local insurance agency for their risk coverage. Insurance offers a way for customers to secure their financial future against unexpected losses or unfortunate accidents. The insurance company enters into a contract better understood as the policy with the customer to pay her in case of an unexpected loss or liability due to unexpected events. Individuals can get insurance tailored for them which is known as personal insurance. Businesses also have customized insurance policies to protect their assets, employees and liability known as commercial insurance. The insurance agency in Castle Rock acts as a local intermediary for customers to reach the insurance company.

Types of Insurance

Insurance had its origins in 17th century Europe to protect sea farers and traders working in foreign lands. Today the industry has evolved considerably in step with changing customer preferences and needs. Let’s take a look at the major types of insurance offered for customers:

Commercial Insurance

Some commercial insurance policies are mandatory for businesses to have in Colorado, such as auto insurance, worker compensation insurance, professional liability insurance and lender-required insurance. Businesses can also protect themselves by getting business property insurance, farm and crop insurance, key employee insurance, inland marine insurance, spoilage of inventory insurance, general liability insurance, Error and Omission insurance, business interruption insurance and healthcare coverage. There are specific policies for businesses operating in all sectors of the economy, so get in touch with your insurance agent in Castle Rock to know more.

Life Insurance

Life insurance offers policyholders the ability to secure the financial security of their loved ones in case of their untimely death. While life insurance is optional, it is recommended that all adults should get their life insured as part of their financial planning.

Homeowner’s insurance

The homes we live in are usually the most prized asset. Homeowner’s insurance lets buyers heave a sigh of relief as they get protection against damage caused by natural events like storms or accidents like fire. While mortgaged or financed homes must compulsorily be insured in Colorado, homeowners with finance-free homes can also get insurance for complete peace of mind. Tenants can also protect themselves against liability of damage claims by getting renter’s insurance.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance protects homes and buildings against water damage. It is not usually a part of homeowner’s insurance and is sold separately or as a rider.

Auto insurance

All vehicles in Colorado must have auto insurance by law. This includes boats and All-Terrain Vehicles. With changes in the insurance regulation in the State, drivers can be held liable for damage to other vehicles and bodily harm in case of an accident. To know more about the liability limits and rule changes, get in touch with your Castle Rock insurance agency.

Insurance agents act as an intermediary for customers and insurers. Consult an insurance agency in Castle Rock to know how you can protect yourself and your assets from unforeseen events.

DCI Insurers, an insurance agency in Castle Rock, Colorado, help people find the best comprehensive insurance policies for all their commercial and personal insurance needs. To know more about the role of insurance brokers, you may visit Wikipedia.org.

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