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Hire luxurious cars for special occasions

Whether or not one can afford luxury, but to indulge in it is at the top of everyone’s wish-list. Luxury comes disguised in various forms. For some, it is about enjoying Jacuzzi in a five-star hotel, while some find luxury in a vehicle, say limousine.

Luxury can be introduced in any moment, be it a normal routine or a one-time event –wedding. Wedding holds great importance in one’s life, and it is one of the most memorable moments that are worthy of cherishing forever. People make endeavors to make their wedding’s day as special as it can be, but, more often than not, miss out on one or the other factor. Of all the aspects to a pompous wedding, there is something that one should not even think of skipping –luxury car hire.

Hiring a luxury car for your wedding is one of the ways that make your wedding more of a grand event. It adds a sheer sense of pleasure to your short journey to and from the wedding’s venue.

How to get started when hiring a luxury car for your event?

There are several car rental services offering differently styled vintage cars that define royal charm at its best. It’s up to you as which type of car do you want to hire, modern and chic-style or aesthetically vintage. You may choose between a closed or open car, but if you want to experience the both styles, you can go for a convertible one. Taste and preference is the key to decide the right car for your wedding. If you yearn for a sophisticated ambiance, rich-class comfort and unmitigated style, then limousine is a thing for you.

Facilities in a luxury car

A luxury car comes embellished outside and immaculate inside. You are sure to get mesmerized by the interiors and the comfort offered in a luxury car. A luxury car is not necessarily a limousine. A sedan can be equally luxurious, but, of course, the room for 10 passengers cannot be expected in a sedan; only a limousine can accommodate large number of passengers. In most of the cases, limousine is considered as a better choice for it has an edge over sedans, when it comes to the spacious interiors. A limousine comes with features, like DVD players, Television, LCD monitor and much more. Not only this, you can also get your car customized at interiors, according to your preference. The facility of a bar can also be availed in a limousine, at additional yet reasonable expense.

Chauffeur Service

The chauffeurs that come along with the luxurious car are well-versed and experienced enough to let you enjoy the seamless ride. The chauffeurs ably heed to your instructions and take the route whichever you may ask to.


There are numerous companies that offer luxury car on hire, in their respective vicinities. Whether or not you reside in a major city, you can easily avail such cars on hire, at your doorstep. The cars are exclusively customized according to the need of the customers and are priced accordingly.


If you are quite interested in hiring a full-fledged limousine for your wedding or any special occasion, then opt for A1 Limousines. The company possesses a fleet of luxurious limousines that are available at the most competitive rates.

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