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Both my husband and I were tired of getting lousy service from the people we hired for home repair. So I became a subscriber at Angie’s list. The money I paid for the annual subscription is worth its weight in gold because contractors cannot pay to have a great review or rating. I was seeking a heat service provider and found many local contractors with real customer reviews and A ratings.

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Know that had I not become a subscriber of Angie’s list I may have been scared into buying a new air and heat unit, because the first contractor told us that we could not turn on our air conditioner or furnace because it might cause a fire. He said our unit was old, rusted and needed to be replaced. Our Sears Kenmore units were six years old so this HVAC technician remark was a red flag and I knew I needed a second opinion.

unnamedI am thankful I was able to find reliable, punctual and professional air and heat contractor on Angie’ list. The heat and air contractor said all I needed was the motor on the fan that blows the heat to be replaced.

Here is a quote from Angie’s list:

Why Angie’s List is better :

1. No anonymous reviews.
2. Certified data collection process prevents companies and providers from reporting on themselves or their competitors.
2. Our Complaint Resolution Team will intercede if a home repair or health experience goes bad.
4. Companies and providers respond to reports, so you get the whole story.

What you get:

1. Access to great local reviews on AngiesList.com.
2, Live support through our call center.
3. Award-winning Angie’s List magazine.
4. Access to our Complaint Resolution Team.
5. Discounts from highly rated service companies.

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Are you a subscriber at Angie’s List? Do you think the subscription is worth it?