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Hiring A Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer For Assault And Battery Massachusetts

Every Boston criminal defense lawyer knows that your life and future are in danger when you are charged with assault and battery. Even if you are not convicted, you can receive a social stigma and lose your job. Therefore, the best thing to do if you are under investigation for assault and battery Massachusetts is to look for a good lawyer. In case the charges are not filed yet, a lawyer can get all the evidence and present them to the prosecutor before the charges are filed. Remember that it’s easier to prevent charges to be filed than to dismiss them after they have been already filed.

Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer Defends You From Enormous Power The Government Has

In case you’ve been arrested or investigated for assault and battery Massachusetts, you have to hire a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer. He/She is the only person who can protect your future so that you can remain free and live a normal life. Sooner you hire a lawyer, the better as he/she will have more time to create a better result for your case.
There are many rights you have but you are not even aware of them because you never studied law. A lawyer will know how to protect all your rights while the investigation of detectives, prosecutors and police is underway. Government sometimes uses it’s power, especially aggressive prosecutors who will coerce you if they can.

Do Not Settle For A Public Defender If You Are Charged With Assault And Battery Massachusetts

We all know that public defenders work for the US government. They are paid by the government and work on many cases at once. Sometimes they are given cases that they are not experienced with and sometimes young lawyers who are still learning the tricks of trade get to defend a person that desperately needs help of a good criminal defense lawyer. You really don’t want to get a public defender, your chances for a better future will look slim.

Criminal law is complex and this is exactly why you need to take time to find a respectable, knowledgeable and experienced legal representative. You want to hire one as soon as possible so that your record stay clean. And you will really need a good Boston criminal defense lawyer if you are under investigation for assault and battery in Massachusetts.

60 % Of Individuals Who Are Charged With Felony Remain Unemployed

National Institute of Justice did a study that revealed some disturbing data. 60% of offenders are unable to find employment within the first year of their release. 75% of those who are convicted remain unemployed. These individuals often commit another crime just to survive and they keep getting in and out of prison. And even if they manage to stay out of prison, they lead a sad, low quality life without any future. As you can see, it is really important that you don’t waste time and don’t settle for any criminal defense lawyer, get only the best because your life depends on it.

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