Hiring A Minibus For Weddings

A minibus offers extra room for passengers while ensuring that there is adequate space to hold and carry luggage and any equipment that is needed. There are many potential uses for this type of vehicle. Many people use a minibus service to get to airports, while large families may rent a minibus to get to and from their holiday destination. Stag and hen weekends are another suitable use of this type of vehicle, while guests attending a wedding in another part of the country can benefit by travelling together, ensuring that they arrive on time, and utilising the additional space that minibuses offer over family cars and other forms of transport.

If you need to keep a suit or dress straight during the journey, and you have luggage that consists of clothing and outfits for before and after the wedding, then the height of a minibus combines perfectly with the additional space to ensure that you have everything you need. Minibus hire is less stressful, more convenient, and more beneficial than the alternatives, and there are many additional options and features that can further enhance the experience.

It is becoming increasingly common to hold weddings at remote venues and locations, and guests are typically required to find their own accommodation or set off early and sober so that they can make the drive home on the same day. However, a wedding is a time celebration, and it typically entails late night partying and the consumption of alcohol. Hiring a minibus enables a group of people to travel with a single designated driver, or it allows a group to travel together, stay in a local hotel, and then travel back together the next day.

If you’re taking family and travelling to a wedding away from home, then why not take the extra time and spend a couple of days in a local hotel to enjoy an extended stay? With minibus hire, you won’t need to worry about taking individual cars, you will be able to travel with enough luggage and outfits for a whole holiday and for all the people in your travelling party.

You can add a second driver, and subsequent drivers, to your minibus rental policy. All drivers need to be aged 21 or over to legally drive a minibus, and some companies may charge an additional premium for drivers that are under a certain age – some may not be willing to rent a minibus to drivers that are under the age of 25 or 28, at all, so you should check before hiring. Check your mileage limit, too, because some companies may put prohibitive daily usage limits and these may see you rack up additional charges by the time you return the minibus to the company.

Minibus hire is convenient. It offers you, additional family members, and friends the opportunity to travel as a single group, taking the pressure off many party members. It also makes it possible for you to carry more luggage, and you can extend the period of your rental so that you can enjoy an extra few days away too.

Nationwide Hire offers a range of minibus models to rent for any purpose, including to travel to and from weddings. Choose an appropriate size of vehicle, enjoy unlimited mileage, and even add a second driver and European cover if these are required.