Hiring the Best Executive Search Firm Requires Research

Once a company decides to hire an executive search firm it’s really important they select the right one for their company. Although a lot of firms offer the same or similar services, they go about it differently. They have different criteria and systems they use to find, interview, and hire potential candidates. The main goal of hiring an executive search firm to assist with filling executive positions is of course to save a business time and money. In the end, they never want to end up with a new employee who is all wrong for the position, or just doesn’t fit in.

There are certain questions that can be asked to see which potential executive search firm has the expertise for the task at hand.

How do They Communicate?

It’s important to know how an executive search firm will communicate with the HR department and other key staff involved in the hiring process. Do they include the company in important decision making? Do they share all the information they discover? Do they ask questions when necessary to fully understand a company’s objectives?

Who, what, where, when, why, and how: The answers to the 5Ws and how questions need to be clear in how an executive search firm deals with their clients. The first thing an HR department needs to know is who they will deal with at the recruiting firm. They don’t want to wait two days for a response only to find out they emailed, or phoned the wrong person.

What Experience do They Have?

When interviewing prospective executive search firms, find out how much experience they have with finding executive employees. It’s necessary to know if they are established in this area. Choosing an executive is much more complex than hiring support staff.

The more an executive search firm can share about their experience, the better it is for a company hiring them. They are putting a lot of responsibility in their hands, to fill open executive positions. So they have to be confident the search firm can do the job and find high-quality candidates.

What Types of Clients do They Have?

What types of clients do they serve? – Non-profits, start-ups, public, private, or all types?

How Thorough are They?

If a company is hiring an executive search firm to be involved in the entire hiring process, they need details. How long and to what extent is the firm involved?

Do they have an assessment process: How do they evaluate a company’s needs to make sure they attract candidates who will best fit in?

• How do they identify the skills, capabilities, credentials, and experience of candidates?

• Do they create interview questions?

• Are they involved after the hiring process is complete?

A few More Quick Questions to Ask

• What is their retention rate?

• Are the national, or local?

• How much of their business is repeat clients

Choosing an executive search firm to assist with hiring management and key corporate staff involves research. A company never wants to just hire the first firm that comes up on a Google search.

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