History and Facts About Chinese Lion Dance

Chinese Lion Dance is such a very popular kind of dance all over the world because this is very unique and very interesting. This Lion Dance is totally different from the Dragon Dance and some people sometimes hardly to see the difference. Of course they are different because Lion Dance is played by two people only while the Chinese Dragon Dance needs more than two performers and we can a group of people. Sure those are Chinese dances but they have different style of dance.

The performers of Lion Dance will be covered in a costume of a lion or Chinese lion so they get their face covered by the costume while the Dragon Dance’s performers will not be covered because the performance must hold the costume by using the poles. We can find the Chinese Lion Dance easily in China mostly when the Chinese people are celebrating the Chinese New Year. But it also can be found in other countries such as Singapore and Indonesia. This is great to see and enjoy the Chinese Lion Dance because it brings joy and there was history about this Lion Dance. Sure it will be good to get to know deeper about this Lion Dance because there is something important that we might be able to get from this culture.

Sure there is a very interesting history to find out and this is going to be a real lion dance competitiongreat solution that you can learn from this Lion Dance. Well, once upon a time, a monk had a dream about so many sorrows and evils that disturbed the land. In order to deal with the gad things that was happening there, the monk prayed to God and asked about the most effective way to deal with the evils. The Gods finally answered the prayers and told the monk that a lion would be able to protect the people there and it will fight back the evils. The Chinese people really had no idea about the lion because they had never seen a lion. But they remembered that they had heard of story about the lion. Lion was well-known as the king of the animal kingdom. So they finally made a lion and then the monk combined it with the lucky and magical animal. Well, when we look at the lion of the Lion Dance, we can see the red sash clearly and it is tied to the horn. But the Jade Emperor said that the lion was very disrespectful and this made the horn been chopped by the Jade Emperor chinese lion dance historyand the lion died. It made the Goddess of Mercy very sad and she then did so she tied the horn back to the lion with the red sash with the golden leaves and then the lion came back to life. lion dance hawaiiThat is the history of the Dragon Lion Dance and nowadays we can still enjoy the performance in a bog occasion especially in a Chinese New Year. It will be performed in aiming to drive away the evils and they will have the better life next year. This is also the form of celebration that is very awesome to watch.

The Dragon Lion Dance is not only performed in China because Chinese people or Tiong Hoa also lives in other countries such as Canada, America, Indonesia, and many more. This Lion Dance will also be performed annually in some big occasions. This Lion Dance is very popular and this is one of the icon of China and the Chinese people. It becomes one of the very spectacular shows that can attract people’s attention and it is great to watch