History of Bvlgari Fragrances and Perfumes

A Greek immigrant to Italy, Sotrio Voulgaris founded one of the oldest jewelry houses in 1884. The word “Bvlgari” was derived from the letter “V” in Voulgari’s last name. According to ‘Wikipedia’ it is also believed that Sotrio’s family originated from Greece between the 15th and 18th centuries and was also jewelry conosseiuer’s at that time. The symbol of the letter “V” in the company name is a brand move reinforcing the roots of Greek culture within the company.

In 1880 Sotrio move to Rome with only 18 cents in his pocket; but he was highly skilled in precious metals. After working multiple jobs, Sotirio opened his own store in 1884. In his store he designed and inlayed elements of Rome and Greece making it a trademark of Bvlgari’s style. Both of his sons, Giorgio and Constantino worked side-by-side with their father passing the business on from generation to generation. Today Francesco Trapani now holds the position with Bvlgari.

One of the most historical and amazing stories of the Bvlgari family was during World War II when Constantino and his wife Laura heard a knock on their door and hid three Jewish women from Hitler’s regime. The family stands on integrity and dedication to their co-workers and customers many who are Jewish; but also reflected their courage during the rise and fall of Hitler.

It took hard work and determination but today they have over 230 retail locations worldwide. Bvlgari designs and creates handbags, watches, sunglasses, hotels and of course Bvlgari perfume. The only word that Elizabeth Taylor knew in Italian was “Bulgari”, so her friends jovially claimed.

In 1994 Bvlgari perfume was introduced to the world of fragrance. It was created for clients of an aristocratic nature and since then has sold to millions of loyal and dedicated customers worldwide. The company only uses the priciest ingredients when creating there exquisite perfumes. The luxury perfume can be a little costly when purchased from department stores; but if they are bought online the price may not be as steep.