History of Prada Perfume and Clothing

The world knows Prada; but do you know the history of Prada perfume? When we here the name’ Prada’ we think wealth, luxury and style. Along with designer handbags, shoes and accessories many really don’t know the history of the company.

History of Prada

In 1913 Mario Prada opened a luxury boutique in Galleria Vittorio selling luxury handbags, shoes, trunks and suitcases to the aristocrats of Europe. Mario eventually expanded across Europe and into the United States. Known for its luxurious lines and renowned merchandise they are one of the most prestigious companies today.

Mid 20th Century

In 1977 Patrizio Bertelli consolidated the resources he had created over the prior ten years and obtained an exclusive license from Mario Prada’s granddaughter Miuccia Prada allowing the company to design and distribute fine leather goods bearing the Prada logo and name. By 2003 the families merged together creating the company name PRADA spa.

Prior to the merger Miuccia Prada focused on refining the look of Prada unveiling the new classic Prada handbag in 1985. Not only was it well-designed and stylish; but it was versatile too. By 1989 Prada hit the runway with their elegant and luxurious collection that features clean lines, soft colors and exquisite fabrics. Prada sells and popularity went through the roof!

By the 90’s the entire World new Prada’s fashion house by name. Sophisticated, luxurious and beautifully designed their clothing line was high quality. Miuccia continued her family’s legacy by creating a more affordable line called Miu Miu along with a sports line for both men and women.

By the late 90’s Prada merged with multiple companies including Helmet Lang’s, A.G. Saunders and Church and company and English shoemaker building a two trillion dollar empire by 1996. In 2003 the first line of Prada perfume was introduced to the company simply called ‘PRADA’ and the second release of luxury perfume was ‘Tendre’, since then their line of Prada perfumes have grown. Although a percentage of the profits go directly to Puig Company for the perfumes, the designer label and brand still is a luxury perfume today.