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Hogwarts Is Here – The Site Fans Wanted Pottermore to Be

Calling All Harry Potter Fans

If you were like me, who got into Harry Potter as a little kid, you were probably crushed when you didn’t receive your letter to Hogwarts when you were eleven. Although we all loved what J.K. Rowling gave us in her seven book saga, I think what drew us in the most wasn’t Harry’s struggle, but the universe that Rowling crafted. We were sucked in by the allure of a school of witchcraft and wizardry, amazed by the halls and walls of Hogwarts, awestruck by the Quidditch games. Though we all loved the books, I think what we wanted most was to experience that world for ourselves. Thanks to a group of dedicated fans, that wish very well may come true.

Hogwarts Is Here

Enter Hogwarts is Here. Completely fanmade, the format looks like that of your average university website. Here, you can enroll at Hogwarts itself, take the classes, and communicate with the other students as well. You can choose ‘dormmates’ and do the class assignments on your own time. You can even check out books from the library, whether they’re textbooks for your class or a book about the wizarding world in general. If you feel you have a knack for writing and know a lot about the Harry Potter universe as well, you can even help contribute by writing a ‘book’, which an be an ‘nonfiction’ book, in which it serves to add to the experience of being at Hogwarts, or a fun ‘fiction’ book, which serves as fan fiction.


Hogwarts is Here seems to be far more entertaining than Pottermore. Though we were all excited for Pottermore, most of us only cared about the sorting and the wand choice, and while we still love the little extras about the places and people of the Harry Potter universe, the site itself can get boring, as the only things you can really do is duel people and make potions.

While Hogwarts is Here doesn’t have the sorting or wand choice (as you pick your House and I don’t believe they mention purchasing a wand), it seems to offer the true experience of Hogwarts.

Fans of Harry Potter run this site, so fans of Harry Potter are the ones creating the lesson plans and grading your work. While I haven’t yet attended a class (I have enrolled and signed up for classes however), it seems that there is your fair share of work. For Astronomy, for instance, your first assignment is to write about your favorite constellation, and research some of the creation myths behind it. In Charms, you have to keep a weekly journal of what you are doing. It actually seems to run very similarly to a set of online courses.

If you love Harry Potter, and you want to get that authentic experience at Hogwarts, I really think Hogwarts is Here offers that chance. This site is in its infancy, but I’m rather excited to see how it grows.


This site is truly for the ultimate Harry Potter fans. If you ever wished for your Hogwarts letter, or even just enjoyed the books and/or movies, I highly suggest at least checking out this website. Let your inner wizard or witch shine through.

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