News Holiday Candy Recipes: Martha Washington Candy

Holiday Candy Recipes: Martha Washington Candy


There are various types of holiday dessert recipes for making homemade Christmas candy. Some of the best candy is that which is easy to make and is delightful for sharing during the holiday seasons.

Here you will find the recipes for Martha Washington candy, Butter Toffee Crunch candy that may fit the bill for the perfect Christmas candy recipes to make this year for children of all ages.

Martha Washington candy is a really rich and sweet treat that many individuals love to make and eat during the holidays as well as any other day. Here you will learn how we make our own Martha Washington candy.

Holiday Candy Recipes: Martha Washington Candy10X Confectioners Sugar 25 lb


Martha Washington Candy Ingredients

2 – pounds of powdered sugar

1 -stick of butter or margarine

1 – can sweetened condensed milk

1 – teaspoon vanilla extract

4 – cups crushed or grounded pecans or other nuts

1 – package Chocolate Almond Bark

1 – package Vanilla Almond Bark

You will cream together the powdered sugar, the margarine or butter, the can of sweetened condensed milk and the vanilla. You will cream this mixture for a long time, mixing it thoroughly. After thoroughly creaming this mixture, you will add your pecans or other nuts and mix well.

Holiday Candy Recipes: Martha Washington CandyMilk Chocolate Almond Bark (10 Pound Case


After completely creaming the candy mixture you will powder your hands with some powdered sugar and then roll the dough into bite-size balls and then place them on a sheet of wax paper on a cookie sheet and place them in the refrigerator to chill.

Before you are ready to take the chilled candy balls out of the refrigerator you will melt some of the two types of Almond Bark together and mix thoroughly. You will then use a toothpick to dip your candy balls into the almond bark and then place it on a sheet of wax paper to harden. When we make these, we generally use the whole table and cover it with wax paper. Once the Martha Washington candy balls are hard, you can place them in decorative holiday tins for gift-giving or you can place them in a large covered and sealed bowl until time to eat.

Holiday Candy Recipes: Martha Washington CandyRaw Mammoth Pecans (1 Pound Bag


These are simple to make and they make some delicious Christmas gift ideas for anyone who loves chocolate and other sweet candy treats.

Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday Season!


Holiday Candy Recipes: Martha Washington Candy
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