News Holiday Dessert Recipes: Granny’s Japanese Fruitcake Recipe

Holiday Dessert Recipes: Granny’s Japanese Fruitcake Recipe


Sure, there are many people who may turn up their noses when it comes to the thought of eating a fruitcake; however, there is a big difference in fruitcake recipes you make at home and the fruitcakes you can buy ready-made in tins around the holidays.

Holiday Dessert Recipes: Granny’s Japanese Fruitcake RecipeGrandma’s Fruit Cakes – 5 lb. Fruit Cake in a Keepsake Tin from Hale Groves


Some individuals love fruitcakes and are always on the lookout for a easy-to-make recipe that is delicious to serve during the holidays. I’m not sure where Granny found this Japanese Fruitcake Recipe, but I do know that when granny started cooking and baking for the holiday seasons, regardless of the season, whether Thanksgiving or Christmas, that many individuals love anything she makes, including this fruitcake recipe.

Japanese Fruitcake Batter Ingredients

3 – cups flour

2 – cups sugar

6 – eggs

1 – cup butter or margarine

1 – heaping teaspoonful of baking powder

1/4 – teaspoon salt

Mix this fruitcake batter as you would any other type of cake batter and then add:

1 – teaspoon allspice

1 – teaspoon cloves

1 – teaspoon cinnamon

1 – cup chopped nuts of your choice. We generally use pecans since they grow locally.

Divide this mixture evenly between two square cake pans or bread loaf pans. Bake in a preheated oven of 350 degrees until done, this may be approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Bake till done and then allow to cool before cutting layers in half horizontally.

Holiday Dessert Recipes: Granny’s Japanese Fruitcake RecipePriester’s Fruit Cake Tin 3 lbs. 6 oz


Japanese Fruitcake Filling Ingredients

2 – cup white sugar

1 – cup shredded or grated coconut

1 – cup diced or chopped pineapple pieces

The pulp of one grated orange Juice of two oranges Juice of one lemon

1 -cup chopped nuts of your choice

Combine sugar, pineapple, grated orange pulp, the juice of two oranges and the juice of one lemon in a saucepan and cook at medium heat until the mixture becomes thick. Remove from the fire and then add the coconut. Blend well and then spread the filling between the two layers of the fruitcake you have allowed to cool.

Holiday Dessert Recipes: Granny’s Japanese Fruitcake RecipeGrandma’s No Sugar Added 2-Lb. Fruitcake


You should allow this to sit refrigerated for four or five days before cutting the Japanese Fruitcake.


Holiday Dessert Recipes: Granny’s Japanese Fruitcake Recipe
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