News Holiday Recipes - Southern Style

Holiday Recipes – Southern Style


Time for Some Great Soulful Cooking !

It can be dreadful this time of year for some who don’t real know their way around the kitchen too well. If this is you , then you’re in luck to drop by my place today ! Welcome!

Well I myself enjoy this time of year because I tend to think of myself as a Chef in the kitchen. I stood by mommy at the stove and helped snap green beans , and peel peaches for the peach cobbler, and I decided to share my moms special Macaroni and Cheese Recipe with you. I don’t know about you , but when it comes to cheese , I’m all in and then some ! Cheese, Cheese, Cheese! Give me a block of cheese, a pack of crackers, and I’m ready, set , go !

Holiday Recipes –  Southern Style

The recipe is really quite simple . One crazy thing is , mom never used measuring cups, or scales. She created all her dishes simply by taste , and that’s the route we’re going today . I hope that doesn’t intimidate you. I guarantee you , you’ll be fine , and everything will taste great ! Measuring cups and spoons to me are just another cup , or just another spoon.

Here’s what you’ll need

  • 1 Box of Mueller’s Macaroni Noodles
  • Carton of Sour Cream (secret ingredient)
  • Milk
  • Velveeta, Sharp, Colby/Jack -(shredded)
  • Salt/Pepper
  • Butter

And there you have it ! Now its time to get Cookin’ !

Since it’s the holiday , you’ll probably be having guests over so , heck , use the whole box of Mueller’s Noodles and prepare them for boiling in a pot of slightly salted water . ( about a teaspoon) This will keep the noodles from sticking together in the pot. Next wait for the water to become hot, Not boiling, but hot. Then place your noodles in the pot and let them boil until they are tender. Be careful not to let the noodles cook too long. No one likes a mushy mac and cheese !

After your noodles are boiled and tender, put your noodles in a large casserole pan, and spread them out evenly. While the noodles are still hot combine about 3 pats of butter , I prefer Land O Lakes. Just tastes better to me. Next take a large teaspoon and scoop 3 large teaspoons of sour cream into the mixture, and stir up evenly amongst the noodles. Next combine your milk until it is about a 1/2 an inch high in the dish. Next Mix all of the cheeses along with your salt and pepper together and and evenly distribute the cheese throughout your dish.

Next Cover your Mac and cheese with aluminum foil , and bake in the oven for about an hour on 375 degrees. After an hour uncover your dish and place back in the oven for another 20 minutes , just enough to create a nice cheesy crust on the top. Let stand for 1 hour and serve !

  • There you have it! My favorite macaroni and cheese recipe I inherited from my mother . I hope you enjoy it. Stop back by and let me know how it turned out! if there is are any other dishes that you would like some help on , feel free to ask! Happy Holidays !
Holiday Recipes –  Southern Style
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