Holiday Travel Free From Bed Bugs

When you are traveling for a holiday, make sure that your travel experience is free from the bed bugs who are common inhabitants in trains, buses and planes just like the passengers. These small bugs are perfect examples of a hitchhiker. To preserve the fineness of your holidays and to make them free from these tiny devils, you should follow the following ways:

1) Keep Knowledge about Bed Bugs: To ensure that you are safe from bed bugs, you should know what you are dealing with, that is, you should keep knowledge about their appearance, habits and how you can find them.
2) Be Watchful for your Luggage: Keep your luggage on a folding stand or in the bathtub if you are planning to stay at the hotel as bed bugs face difficulty in climbing up metal and bathrooms are also less common areas for them. For more security, you should use bed bug proof suitcase liners.

3) Inspect your hotel rooms: When you are planning to stay at the hotel for a holiday vacation always carry a flashlight. This helps you in inspecting the beds where you and your family will be sleeping in. Look for red patches everywhere in the room and if find any of clue, simply ask the manager to shift the room.
4) When traveling in public transport: To be secure from bed bugs, hold your luggage on your laps instead of placing them in luggage compartments. Do not keep your bags on bed or furniture after reaching your destination.
5) Launder your clothes once you return home: It is recommendable to dryer clothes on high heat for at least 30 minutes. Bed bugs cannot tolerate high heat at any stage of their lifecycle. Do not overfill or stuff the dryer as then heat would not penetrate in every inch of the fabric. Store your dirty clothes in bed bug proof laundry bags for more precaution.

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