Holidays in Venice on Valentine's Day

When you arrive in Venice guaranteed you will not spend five minutes more than you have to in your hotel. You will straightaway head for the famous St. Mark’s Square. The romatic atmosquere of Venice is all there. The beautiful St Marks Basilica is right in front of you. If you visit in the summer take a cardigan with you because you will not be able to enter. That is the law in Italy. Your arms and legs have to be cover. So to avoid any disappointment — remember.

The Basilica dates back to the 9th century and the paintings, statues and a Byzantine mosaics is absolutely awsome.

Next to it is the legendary Doge’s Palace which was built in the 14th century. A wonderful example of the classic gothic architecture. You can take a tour inside which explains the whole history of the palace and the Dodge family. A rich mechant family since Venice was the trade centre and turning point of eastern merchandise arriving by ships and transported into Europe.

You can also see the famous Bridge of Sighs. A beautiful, intricately carved limestone bridge which use to lead from the prison of the palace. The prisoners led across had the last view of Venice and sighed. Hence the name.

At the edge of St.Mark’s Square you can watch the gondolas criss crossing the Grand Canale. A gondola ride, especially on Valentine’s day will cost you anything from €80 and don’t forget to bargain. They will put a higher price on for tourists. The gondola ride is usually for 30 minutes.

You also will be able to admire the stone arches of the Rialto Bridge and the surrounding Renaissance building with lovely balconies.

If you wish crowds and exitement visit Venice during the time of the carnival. The magnificent carved masks and customs is something to be seen and never forgotten. It is usually during the middle or end of February. This year it is between February 26, to March 8. It first began in 1162 and it still holds nothing but magic.

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