Hollywood Buzz

While blondes may have more fun—particularly famous blondes like Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Charlize Theron—brunettes are getting all the attention right now. With the popularity of dark haired beauties like Natalie Portman and Katie Holmes, brown is suddenly the hair color Hollywood style-setters must have. “Think tone on tone,” says New York colorist Beth Minardi, who recently turned Diaz a “rich, chocolate” brown. “Never color hair a single shade,” says Minardi. “Instead, weave in different browns like caramel, fudge, and mahogany.” Though she says most natural blondes with an ivory or porcelain complexion can pull off this dramatic change, Minardi recommends darkening hair in stages, a little each time you go to the salon.

The combination of deep, dark lipcolor and soft, barely-there eyecolor looks great on practically everyone—regardless of skin tone. Heather Graham and Catherine Zeta-Jones couldn’t have less similar coloring, yet the look is glamorous—and ultra-feminine—on both stars. Make-up artist Carol Shaw, who often works with Zeta-Jones, has a few easy-to-follow tips for this up-to-the-minute look: Sweep a neutral eye shadow (like LORAC’s Nude or Persuasion) from the lash line to brow bone; then apply a second shadow (two shades darker) along the crease of the eye-lid and add a coat of mascara. Shaw lines lips, first with a red pencil, then applies a shimmery, vibrant red lipstick as the finishing touch, like LORAC’s Sexy.

Hollywood’s hottest coifs have gone decidedly bohemian. The idea is a loosely curled, slightly wild “I forgot-to-comb-my-hair” look; stars like Jennifer Romjin-Stamos have already taken the plunge. To do it yourself, Miki Loiacono of New York’s Prive salon, suggests applying a styling mousse like Laurent Lela Rochen at the New York premiere of Double Jeopardy Mousse Pomade to damp hair, making little braids all over head, and sleeping on it. In the morning, go over the braids with a flat iron, unbraid, then scrunch and tousle hair with a molding gel like Moldeur Gel from Laurent D.


Editors wore them last year, now celebrities on both coasts are taking cover with the wrap of the moment—the pashmina. Made from (get this) the underbelly of the Himalayan goat, these super-sized luxury shawls come in a rainbow of vibrant colors. Julia Roberts recently walked the red carpet draped in a pale pink pashmina; Christina Applegate was spotted wearing a red one; while Lela Rochen picked one in lavender. A chic replacement for a jacket or cardigan, pashminas are practical, but they aren’t cheap – costing between three to four hundred dollars. Cashmere blend shawls—equally hip, practical and colorful— typically cost under two hundred dollars.