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Home Backup Power for Critical Medical Care

Home backup power for critical medical care is a must for those that have parents or children that rely on electrical medical devices for medical conditions. Various medical conditions are an unfortunate reality for many people. Many that suffer some of these medical conditions need in home care that uses medical equipment that run on electricity. Recently, tornadoes touched down in and around Boston leaving millions without power. Imagine how this affected people in that area that need electrical power for their medical equipment. How did they survive if they didn’t have a backup power system to immediately restore power to their medical equipment? Powering patient safety can be a life saver during and after weather related disasters.

In the Photo Above

According to Grandmother Cheryl, Hannah Trinity McKay, born April 8, 2006, was a preemie twin born without a Caesarean section. Hannah weighed just 3.5 lbs and was born before her fraternal twin brother, Shae Scott McKay.

Hospitals Powering Patient Safety

Hospitals realize how important powering patient safety is so they have backup systems in place. That should be an example to anyone that uses powered in home medical equipment. Most of us don’t have the financial resources that hospitals have to pay for backup emergency power so you may have to find financial assistance to buy a backup generator.

Power Outages More Frequent Longer Lasting

Hopefully you don’t live in that area of Boston that suffered the storm damage. But weather events like this can happen anywhere. Storms like this makes it clear how important it is to have home backup power for critical medical care. Weather events like Boston suffered in July of 2014, are becoming more frequent and more powerful than ever before. Unfortunately, for those that suffer through these types of weather disasters, they can be without power for days if not weeks. Even the best backup power system on most in home medical equipment can’t power equipment for weeks.

Coverage for Long Power Outages

Sure, some in home medical equipment come with backup power. But how long do these backups last last? Would you feel good about using a medical device with a backup power supply that only lasts for a few hours or even a full day? Living through a power outage under normal conditions is bad enough. But it can be disastrous when there’s no power for long periods of time and you need it for parent’s or a child’s medical equipment.

Like Medical Insurance

You may not want to think about this topic because it’s such an unpleasant subject. No one wants to talk about illness but it’s an unfortunate reality for too many people. That’s why this is a good thing to think about and a good time to think about it. Emergency backup power is one of those things that need you need to consider before you need it. You have to look at it like the car, home, health, and life insurance that we pay for. We pay for it but we hope we don’t have to use it. That’s the way you have to think about backup power for critical medical care.

A High Priority

I know how much caregivers have to deal with so I know how important it is to deal with as much as possible as soon as possible. My family has dealt with caring for my mother, my sister, and my in-laws medical care. We’ve dealt with everything from Cancer to the medical issues of aging parents. So I understand how important having the right medical care and equipment at the right time can be.

Better to have it and Not Need It

A home backup power generator could be a critical piece of the medical equipment for you. Hopefully you will never need a home backup power generator but it’s better to have a backup generator and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

New Used and Partial Home Backup Generators

I also know how illness can drain a family’s finances but you can also look into purchasing a used backup generator to help with your loved ones care. So I think it’s important that families in this position know that there are partial home backup generators that restore power to selected circuits in seconds after a power outage. But I can’t help but wonder how many people in Boston could use an automatic power generator now.

Click the backup generator links on this page and vendors like Sam’s Club, to get more information because you want to do everything you can to take care of your loved one.

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‘A few weeks old and still not much bigger than palm-sized . . .’ by Cheryl is under Creative Commons license on Flickr CC BY 4.0.

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