Home Based Occupational Therapist Services

Occupational therapists are professionals that help people to successfully take care of their day to day activities that make up their lives. They assist patients who need help improving their decision making skills, memory and other amenities to live a healthier and improved life. This is a broad definition of what an occupational therapist is responsible for, but it does help to understand what they actually do. The details of work performed in occupational health therapy services include things such as helping a patient learn to brush their teeth, feed and dress themselves and similar self-help. Although occupational therapist services are delivered in a number of various settings there are a number of home based occupational therapists. This article outlines occupational therapist career facts and opportunities offered when choosing this career field.

Different occupational therapy jobs

Working as an occupational therapist has its own rewards. Occupational therapists have a multitude of different jobs in this particular field of medicine. There are therapists that work with mental, social, physical or developmental issues. Some therapists work only with children while others work only with the elderly. There is also a wide range of work responsibilities and descriptions of duties for occupational therapists which is why this employment field is exploding and will continue to grow tremendously in the near future. This growth will be seen whether you are working as your own boss through a home based business or as an employee with a company.

Employment opportunities and outlook

Occupational therapists are in need as a professional career and the employment opportunities are rising. Not only can these therapists work in a facility setting such as a hospital or nursing facility, but they can also be found in an office, schools, hospice, corporations and at a growing rate as a home based occupational therapy service provider business.

Benefits of working as a home based business

There are gains to working as an occupational therapist delivering services at the home of a patient as a home based business. When making the decision to be a home based therapist or not several things should be taken into consideration. Therapists should contemplate what types of services they would like to provide, what patients they want to work with, what hours they can afford to work and if they have the monies to invest in their own home based business venture. These are decisions that help to narrow down whether or not to supply occupational therapy services in the home environment.

A number of home based occupational therapists will generally work through an agency that connects therapists with patients that need their services. Providing occupational therapist resources working through an agency for home based services offers advantages such as group health insurance and other benefits for workers that aren’t seen with a home based occupational therapist running their entrepreneurship on their own. Paperwork for insurance providers is handled through the agency as well as taxes and other business paperwork that cannot be avoided when you run your own home based business.

What can you earn as an occupational therapist

The average salary in the country for this professional is $56,000 each year. For therapists that have chosen to pursue advanced degrees in the field they can expect to find their salaries to be $60,000 and upwards. The highest paying jobs for therapists are found in hospitals, large group homes ran by the state or federal government agencies, rehabilitation agencies and schools.

Home based occupational therapist may have a fluctuation in this average income based on their hours, services supplied and a variety of other considerations. For an example, whether or not you have a home based service in a larger city or town will afford you a higher salary than a rural area for a patient base. Working with children versus working with the elderly will have a different pay scale, etc.

In conclusion

Successful occupational therapists are generally persons that have a vested interest in seeing patients receive better lives as a result of the work and commitment they deliver. It does take a particular type of person to work and thrive in this business. Though, it can be extremely rewarding personally and professionally for the right type of person.