Home Builder Sydney Series: One Storey or Two?

Home Builder Sydney Series: One Storey or Two?

Your journey to build a new home includes numerous critical decisions, some difficult but all of them adding up to what will become a place you can treasure. One decision that needs to be made very early in the process: one storey or two? There are of course pros and cons to each, here is a brief review to help you decide whether one storey or two is best for you.

Budget. Obviously the number of stories has a sizeable impact on the cost of building a new home and your first consideration has to be budget. Can you afford the added costs? Comparing a standard four bedroom/two living room home, the typical savings from one level compared to two is $20,000 to $50,000. In some instances, a two storey design actually offers savings from a single level: some buyers of land and house packages in Sydney that pay a premium for the parcel report savings due to the ability to purchase a smaller block; those savings can even be redirected into the home, for an extra room or swimming pool.

Footprint. Space is an important consideration for many buyers of house and land packages in western Sydney, including Wollongong, Newcastle and Illawarra. Typically, a two storey house has a smaller footprint, as the verticality reduces horizontal sprawl. This more efficient use of land may be a necessity in areas with small parcels or tight quarters, or if you simply desire a little extra breathing room from neighbours.

Stairs. If your home will be multi-generational and include parents or older relatives, a one storey layout is more age friendly. Even if stairs are not a problem at the time of building your new home, they may be less satisfactory in five years, or ten – consider whether you want to be going up and down stairs as you age.

Interior impressions. The layout of single storey homes generally give the impression of greater space and a more open feeling. Corridors and entrances may seem wider and in some cases they are. Two storey homes offer the opportunity to separate living and sleeping rooms, or provide for the main suite downstairs and other bedrooms on the upper storey.

Exterior impressions. A double storey home looks more substantial from the outside: they create an undeniable impression. If that sort of eye appeal is attractive to you, the two storey layout is something to consider.

Finding your ultimate best value. Contrasting the differences of one storey from two and comparing those to your own needs allows you to determine which arrangement works best for you. This is an extremely important decision: don’t rush into it, take the time to thoroughly discuss your options.

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