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Home Contents Insurance Policy


In recent years, there have been many cases whereby floods and earthquakes or strong winds have destroyed homes and people lost millions in contents. In addition, robbery and home invasions also help to this loss and uncertainty. This is because we have valuable goods and documents in our house which will cost a lot to be replaced. Some people bring them to banks for safe keeping but not all things can stay hidden away in bank volts. And things such as people cannot be concealed so this is where home contents insurance comes in handy. There are very many homes contents insurance quotes provided by several companies in Singapore and at times choosing one that fits your needs become tricky.

Home Contents Insurance Policy

The Aviva insurance company has three policies the Home Lite, Home and Home Plus which all cover house hold contents, renovations and fixtures, personal legal liability, alternative accommodation in addition to the damages due to fire, floods, theft, earthquakes, explosions, water burst due to pipe breakage or leakage, home emergency package and vehicle impact on the house. Home Lite covers just this basic areas the Home additionally covers breakages, loss of personal money, credit and debit cards. Home Plus the loss of personal papers, accidental deaths of pedigree like dogs or cats. The company provides a fourteen day money back guarantee and best of all they can modify a policy to fit ones needs and the extra services offered are voluntary.

There is also the MSIG Company which offers two types of policies, the Home Insurance which covers the basic things such as home contents like furniture and furnishing that cover up to a sum of 1/3 of sum total and the insured chooses the amount to be insured for. It also covers personal liability with about 1million for worldwide peace obligation and $500000 for liability as a tenant. It also insures special possessions for up to $2500. Under the Home Insurance, home contents and personal responsibility must be bought before buying any other which is optional. The second type is the Enhanced Home Plus which additionally covers fraud committed to you by domestic servants, offers emergency cash allowance and also offers the personal legal liability of 1million. This policy has three plans, the standard plan, the superior plan and the ultimate plan under which the total sum for home contents insured respectively is $125,000 $195, 000 and $270,000 and for hospital coverage per person respectively is $50,000 $75,000 and $75,000 with the worldwide accident coverage respectively is $20000 per adult and $10000 per child under standard, $30000 per adult and $15000 per child under superior and $30000 per adult and $15000 per child under ultimate.

The other company offering similar services is the ACE which covers the home costs including damage, loss and renovation for a sum of $150,000 and alternative accommodation expense of $10,000. In case of peculiar accidents inside the insured residence, the spouse and children are insured for a sum of $30,000 and $10,000 respectively. They also cover accidental deaths or total disability that happen inside the insured premise and offer additional living expense for essentials items and personal effects.

Home Contents Insurance Policy
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