Home Decorating with a Travel Theme

Improve your home decorating with an unforgettable travel theme. Imprint your room interiors for travel based on a decor that is dramatic and modern. A unique, coordinated home decor that features travel is an opportunity for creative elegance. Approach a travel scheme with your personal touches. Display beautiful art objects, over-sized maps and elegant antique furnishings as elements of design character. The interior look of a travel-inspired home decor is assembled through a heart-warming color palette, accent pillows with luxurious patterns and strategic focal points that personalize your home spaces.

Decorative Worlds Away Travel Theme

This interior look features:

  • Art and color in home accents
  • Collective treasures on display
  • A mix of global furnishings
  • Accent furnishings made of wood, iron or metal found at Onekingslane.com

The Getaway Vacation

A special home decor based on:

  • Exotic prints in art, pillows and rugs
  • Layers of texture for windows and upholstery such as wool, cotton and silk blends
  • Inspirational art objects
  • A theme dedicated to the fun of travel

The Appeal of Distant Locations

Decorate rooms with eclectic style through:

  • Unique home accents
  • Classic antiques
  • Rich blends of color and design in throws and fabric
  • Animal skin rugs

Custom Exotic Rooms

Spaces that feature artistic expressions such as:

  • Wall accents
  • Benches, chairs and wood furnishings
  • Unique, elegant global imports for decorative interest

Scenic Wall Art and Accessories

  • Display beautiful, colorful wall art
  • Adorn rooms with woven baskets and decorative boxes made of wood textures
  • Create an outdoors theme for the indoors
  • Add floor and indoor plants to your scheme

Decorate with Grand Details

Ornate touches transport a stylish look through:

  • Embellished drapery treatments that sparkle and shine
  • Design detail of carved hardwood accent furniture
  • Metal home accents
  • Mirror finishes that glisten
  • Beautiful figurines and statues
  • Candles, bowls and unique art pieces that coordinate an exotic design

Home Decor that Takes Flight

  • Use a style palette of warm color tones such as gold, red and orange
  • Display globes and maps as a decorative relief
  • Choose home decor that promotes a passion for travel
  • Build a room setting based on personal souvenirs
  • Add sculptural pieces for an eclectic design
  • Special travel tokens are meaningful and finishing touches of style

Celebrate World Cultures Through Home Decorating

Ethnic home accents are a flourish of exotic beauty with:

  • Large candelabras
  • High back animal print accent chairs
  • Stunning wall-size ethnic fabric art

Worldly Style with Personal Decorating

These exotic locations inspire an exotic decorative theme:

  • India
  • Indonesia
  • China
  • Africa

Make your decorating style a travel related expression. Create a passport of home design that is beautiful, exciting and rich in history. Apply travel themes featuring geography for an adventurous, bold and carefree home decor look. Home decorating with a travel theme is a design extreme or an eye opening adventure. Add style to your room spaces with ravishing decor by land, sea and sky inspired by heart-warming travel.