Home Remedies and Cures for Common Cold

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Common Cold effects mainly nose and throat of an individual and every person in his life is affected with it two or three times in a year. It mainly happens during the climate change and also it’s a virus infection, which spreads from person to person. It can become worse if care is not taken when it starts effecting.

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The nasal congestions are the first sign along with head ache and sore throat. Temperature rise also has been noted in some individuals.

There are certain home remedies which can help in controlling and curing the common cold. They are as below

  • Regular intake of Vitamin C can help in keeping the common cold at bay. Fruits like oranges, Indian Gooseberry are rich in Vitamin C. The Ascorbic Acid, in the citrus fruits helps in preventing the cold.
  • Take few cloves of garlic, chop them and boil them in water. Drink this water as soup. The antiseptic and antispasmodic nature of garlic will help to remove the blocks and reduce the inflammation. The oil content in the garlic helps to open the nasal blockage.
  • Take half tea spoon of table salt and mix it in warm water. Gargle with this water several times in day and it will help you relief from sore throat.
  • To prevent the running nose, add turmeric, apple cider vinegar or eucalyptus oil in the steaming water and inhale the steam. Repeat this two to three times a day and you will get relief from running nose.
  • Horseradish is a herb which helps in cure the sore throat and fever. It also helps in reducing mucus.
  • Ginger Tea mixed with honey and drunk hot relieves the throat and makes a person feel fresh from unwanted heaviness and blockages.
  • Elderberry fruit extract helps in reducing the cold and flu.
  • Com.mon Cold is a viral infection, so always keep your hands clean before touch your nose or eyes. Always clean your hands with sanitizers after touching infected person. Wash your hands before touching kids.
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Home Remedies and Cures for Common Cold, Seekyt
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