Home Remedies for Acne: Giving You the Control over Undesired Spots

Home remedies for acne are of increasing popularity nowadays. These methods can be very practical and cheap and would even cause you to worry about the side effects that it can produce which is common in many chemical agents available in the market. This can be very practical because they can really be cheap and sometimes would not even cost anything at all.

Getting Into the Basics: Diet

One of the basic things that you have to consider to be able to facilitate the healing of your acne is your lifestyle. This is not only applicable for acne but can also be applicable to almost any other kind of disease. Diet is one of the major things that you have to consider if you want to achieve healing faster. There are certain amount of vitamins and minerals that you must take in order to equip your body for repair and healing. Vitamins play a significant role here. Vitamins A, C and E can be helpful in facilitating the healing process of your body. They can be incorporated in your diet through different food products where they can be found.

Getting the Right Sleep

Sleeping habits must also be appropriate for you. You must get the right amount of sleep because through this your skin gets to be prepared well for the healing process. Adequate fluid intake is also significant because this can help your skin be properly nourished thus being able to facilitate skin repair as well. Dry skin can be very prone to damages and does not easily facilitate repair.

Getting the Appropriate Exercise

Regular exercise is also very essential in helping your body get through the healing process as well. Through exercise, you can be able to allow easy removal of wastes in your body primarily through sweat. This is the body’s natural detoxification together with other body processes. This can facilitate healing as well effectively.

Home Remedies: Making it Possible

Don’t you know that you can use simple materials from your home as an alternative treatment for your acne? There may be a lot of treatment options available in the market but they can be very expensive and much of the chemicals can give you side effects that may be unbearable and unusual for you. Also, natural home remedies are more preferable for those who do not have much of the funds to pay for treatment methods widely available in the market.

One good example of a natural do-it-yourself treatment for acne is through the use of orange peel or lemon. You can use it by pounding the peel of the citrus fruit and combining it with some water to use as a topical lotion or paste over your acne. If you want to make the consistency thicker so that it can appear more like of a lotion or cream, you can add some flour as well as some syrup or small amount of honey.

This can be a very good alternative topical agent you can use skin because it is a good source of Vitamin C for your skin. Vitamin C is very essential in maintaining a healthy and youthful skin through facilitating skin repair and healing. This will lead to the prevention of accumulating acne scars by helping your skin resist permanent inflammatory changes.

Another alternative remedy you can use at home is through the use of honey with some tomato juice and camphor lotion. Camphor lotion is a non-greasy type of lotion you can use to control the excessive accumulation of oil in your face. It has an anti-bacterial effect which can provide your skin with a deep cleansing effect taking the impurities and preventing it from progressing to the formation of acne spots. You can also use the combination of these materials as a topical agent you can apply on your skin to help reduce acne marks and spots that may be left on it. This can be an alternative to expensive and sometimes very harmful skin bleaching materials available in the market.

You can also facilitate healing of the acne without having to worry about the scars through the use of garlic. You can rub the garlic on your face at certain times during the day. You just have to do this in moderation because garlic can be dangerous to your skin especially to sensitive ones. This can cause a burning sensation can even cause deeper damage to the skin if not properly moderated.

Cucumber is one of the natural products that can be very good for your face and even for your acne. You can use it by applying it over your face for ten to fifteen minutes then washing your skin with water after such time. This can be a very effective method to cleanse at the same time moisturize your skin. This can also have an anti-inflammatory effect for your acne.

These are just some of the home remedies for acne that you can do yourself. What’s good about home remedies for acne is that they can be very convenient for you. You may not need to spend anything at all and most of the materials that you’ll have to use can just be found in the home. You may not be aware but some of those materials you can find in your kitchen can be an alternative treatment to one of your greatest skin concerns. This can be truly affordable without having to face side effects that many treatment options available in the market can provide. If you want one of the safest treatment alternatives, these home remedies can be one of your best options.


Home remedies for acne aid you in achieving convenience and desired effect in many available methods. These may only be just some of those that you can do and there can definitely be a lot. If you are really frustrated about how to deal with those dreadful spots on your face, you might as well try these methods most especially if you are afraid of using chemicals and other dermatological treatments which can be very expensive. Home remedies for acne makes the treatment for undesired spots on the face easy, painless, affordable and manageable.