Home Remedies for Acne Treatment, Part II

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In a previous article, I discussed various home remedies that could be used to treat acne using everyday items found around the average household. However, those are not the only mundane materials that can be used for acne treatment. Here are a few others:

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1) Lemon Juice – Because of all of the disinfectants prevalent today, many tend to forget that lemon juice – with its antibacterial properties – was once used as a cleaning agent. (In fact, you can’t help but notice that many cleaners advertise that they have that ‘lemon-fresh smell.’) Those same antibacterial properties can also be brought to bear on your behalf in the war against acne. While some may advise diluting the lemon juice before use – such as by mixing it with water -it’s perfectly fine to use as is. Plus, after applying it to any infected areas, you will personally enjoy exuding that ‘lemon-fresh smell).

2) Aloe Vera – The medicinal properties of aloe vera have been well known for quite some time now. That being the case, it has, over the years, found itself being utilized in a wide variety of products, including soaps, lotions, and even juice. While it may be over-hyped in some arenas (it’s been touted as a cure-all for everything from cancer to a sore throat), it does indeed help fight acne. Simply apply aloe vera, in whatever form you have it (e.g., lotion) it to the infected area.

3) Soap and Water – Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. As most people know, acne forms when dirt, oil and other materials clog up one’s pores. The obvious solution, then, is to try to keep your pores clean. The easiest way to do that is with soap and water. Merely washing your face a few times a day with plain old soap and water can often do wonders for acne.

Simply put, there are lots of materials around your home that can be used to treat acne easily and effectively, and without a lot of expense. Hopefully you can make use of the information provided here on the subject. Good luck!

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Home Remedies for Acne Treatment, Part II, Seekyt
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