Home remedies for fever

Natural remedies of fever

Fever is nothing but the increase in our body temperature. Our body temperature fluctuates throughout the day, generally lower in the morning and higher in the late afternoon due to our food habit and variation in weather. Normal temperature is thought to be around 97 to 99 degree Fahrenheit. But when there is a sudden elevation of that one should be aware of one’s feverish condition that goes beyond the natural body temperature and one faces headache, tiredness and body ache. Fever fights against the harmful bacteria and virus that can attack our body and therefore it is considered to protect us from infection. It may be a sign of a bigger and far more serious disease that might be growing inside our body. Unhygienic conditions and wrong lifestyles can lead to fever which is the body’s strong mechanism to drive out the toxic matter. If the temperature exceeds 106 degrees and persists for long it could result in dehydration and brain damage. However there are certain natural home remedies that help us to get rid of fever.

Some home remedies to get rid of fever:

  • Holy basil is considered to be a very useful herb in treating common fever. Make a solution with 12gms of holy basil leaves boiled in half a liter of water and half a cup of milk. Add one teaspoon of sugar and quarter teaspoon of cardamom powder to it. Drink this holy basil water twice a day and it will reduce your body temperature remarkably within a day.
  • Another popular treatment is using Fenugreek seeds that is equal to quinine in working against common fever. You can either drink the tea from Fenugreek seeds or make a solution with one teaspoon of Fenugreek seeds and one cup of boiled water and can take this mixture twice a day. The tea is regarded as a soothing drink that clears out the sticky substance and phlegm if the fever is accompanied with cold or cough.
  • Juice extracted from Grape fruits can be used to treat all kinds of fever effectively. Mix the juice with water and take the mixture twice a day. This juice eliminates the burning sensation produced by fever and creates cooling refreshment.
  • Raisin is something that proves to be equally beneficial to cure common fever. Take 25 raisins and soak them in half a cup of water. Next crush those raisins in the same water and discard the skin and strain the juice. You can also add one teaspoon of lime juice for the sake of increasing the taste and intensity. All these will form a tonic that will do wonders against fever if taken twice regularly.
  • Fasting on orange juice hastens the process of improvement in fever. Vitamin C that is present in orange works as a resisting power against bacteria and infection. Add the juice to one glass of water and drink it after every two hours from morning to early evening to see the result.
  • Apricot is rich in vitamin and minerals that tone up the heart,stomach and liver. The juice of apricot mixed with one teaspoon of honey removes the toxin from the body and is used as a cooling drink during fever.
  • Saffron is another treatment against fever. Make saffron tea by adding half a teaspoon of saffron to 30ml. water and take it every hour to get relief until the temperature decreases.
  • Whenever the temperature goes higher you can apply cold compress on the forehead that gradually reduces the temperature. This is a very popular way used by many of us to relief the patient suffering from high fever.
  • If cold compress does not work you should apply cold pack using a light weighted bed sheet by soaking it in cold water and wringing it dry to apply it on the whole body. You can continue it every 3 hours until the temperature gets normal. After applying the pack the patient must be covered with a warm material like blanket. The cold wrap should be kept for an hour to treat the high temperature.
  • In order to prevent feverish condition one must be on a well-maintained diet enriched with fruits and vegetables and should drink plenty of water and proper amount of fruit juice everyday.

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