Home Security Systems – Which Type Suits You?

With all the various types of alarm systems out there, it would sure be helpful to be able to pinpoint your kind depending on your security needs. To help you come up with a reliable home security system, the following types should get you going.

First, we have alarms systems for indoor and outdoor use. The indoor alarms are mostly located on main entrances e.g. doors and windows. They work by two methods: they check whether the entrance has been opened; and also by noting any movements in the protected zone. On the other hand, outdoor home security systems are used to monitor your home compound. They are programmed such that in case of movement in the grounds, they turn on the floodlights, exposing the intruder.

Secondly, we have alarm systems depending on the source of power. There are those operated by a battery and others by electricity. The battery operated alarms ensure that you stay safe even in power outages unlike those run by electricity. The downside of the battery-operated systems is that you have to keep checking the batteries to ensure they are still powered.

Some alarm systems nowadays come with video surveillance. The video surveillance is in form of close circuit television which uses cameras on strategic locations to monitor movements within and without the building. In addition, wireless video surveillance is used for those who do not want the problems of wiring. It should be realized that generally, wired systems are more effective than the wireless ones, the ease of installation not withstanding.

Finally, those living in apartment buildings should consider using special home security systems which can be set up in different apartment premises. This is usually the responsibility of the building supervisor who installs them and hands out keys to the residents of these premises for accessing the common facilities like gym and main entrances.