Homemade Baby Food or Commercial Baby Food

Is your baby ready to eat solid food now? What is the best choice for your baby, homemade baby food or commercial baby food?

Homemade baby food is easy and quick to make and more nutritious for you baby. Commercial baby food is fast and convenient, however, purees contain a higher level of water. If you are feeding your baby, you want to make sure you know exactly what is going into their foods. By making your own baby food, you can control that.

By making your own purees, you can determine which fruit or vegetables you pick, and how much and what kind of liquid you add.

You can choose fruits and vegetables that are not traditionally offered commercially such as cataloupe or mangoes.

Fruits and vegetables that are either fresh or frozen are the best foods to make baby food. Canned fruits or vegetables can be used if they are packed in their own juices or water. Make sure that there is no added sugar, salt, or preservatives.

To make the puree, you don’t need to stick to diluting with water. You can add the cooking juices from the cooked fruit or vegetables. You can also add either breast milk or formula for added nutrition as well. With the milk in the food, it will make the food seem familiar so that it gets eaten.

For meats, you are able to choose the perfect cuts of meat. You can make sure that you are using quality lean cuts of meat. Commercial baby foods with meat and vegetable meals usually contain a small amount of meat. By preparing your own food, you can control the amount and quality of food.

Feeding your baby the best food possible will ensure your baby grows up happy and healthy. You want to ensure that you are setting her on a healthy path to eating by exposing her to a healthy variety of food.

By making your own homemade food, you can control what goes into your baby’s body. As parents we want to make sure that our baby gets the best food available. Why not take the time to prepare your own baby’s food?

It’s quick and easy, and you will have the peace of mind knowing your baby is eating well. Homemade baby food is by far, the best choice for your baby than commercial baby food.