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Homework plays a very important role in students’ life. It helps them revise all that has been learned in school or class. Not only this, students learn to be more independent and responsible by doing their homework regularly. It helps them learn time management which is makes them better adults.

However, homework can be very taxing on children if it is given in too much quantity. For many students, doing their homework regularly is a struggle. This is where the parents need to step in and help the children to finish their homework efficiently. There are many strategies which parents can make use of to make homework an easier task for their children. Some are mentioned below:

• Select a comfortable place to do homework

This is one among the most basic things you need to do, so as to make your child concentrate on his/her homework. Select a quiet place or room in your house where your child can do his homework every day. The room must have a study table, chairs and make sure you keep all the books and study material within the child’s reach. This way the child does not have to get up every time he/she needs any book or stationary. The most important thing to remember here is to keep the study area as far away as possible from the bed. Children can never do their homework lying on bed.

• Set up a schedule for doing homework

Make sure your child sets up a daily routine and do his homework at a fixed time every day. Some children are comfortable with finishing their homework right after they return from school, while some others need a break after school where they want to rest or have a snack before they start with their homework. Either ways, find out what time your child is comfortable with and make sure he/she does his/her homework at that time regularly.

• Form a study group to do homework

Encourage your children to develop study groups where they can learn and complete their homework. Study groups can be very effective in making children enjoy what they learn if the group is made up of like-minded children. If students study in groups there is better concentration and also, if any one student doesn’t understand a particular concept or lesson, the others will teach him/her and this leads to better understanding.

• Takes breaks while doing homework

Any task or work done for a long time lacks concentration. Hence, make sure you give small breaks in your child’s homework schedule. You can give him/her a small healthy snack or a drink during this break. You can also make him take a short walk in the garden to get some fresh air. This will help concentrate better when he/she resumes homework.

• Do some proactive planning to do future homework

Make sure your child gets an idea of whatever homework has to be done before he/she starts doing it. Supply your child with reference books that will help him get a basic idea of his/her lesson or subject before beginning with the homework. Also, revising the past syllabus that links to the future concepts is necessary. hence, it is your duty to make sure your children brush up on their basics and related concepts before they start with their homework.

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