Honeywell RTH7500D Vs RTH7600D: Comparing the RTH7500D and RTH7600D

RTH7500D or RTH7600D – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will compare two very well regarded Honeywell ‘smart’ thermostats — RTH7500D Vs RTH7600D — highlighting their differences (& similarities) between the two devices, in turn providing you with a clear overview as to what each can offer you and from that which is best suited for your home.

RTH7500D Intelligent Thermostat Overview

Design & Features

This thermostat has been designed to be simplistic to use yet still incorporate sophisticated technology & settings (e.g. smart response technology & auto-change features from heat to cool) in regulating a comfortable temperature for your household (as according to the 7 day upon 4 periods program you schedule). It also comes with a back lit 4 square inch display detailing ‘actual’ room temp & ‘desired’ room temp (along with a real time clock that adjusts for day-light savings).

Specifications & Aspects

Furthermore, it will also provide notifications for when you need to replace filters, UV bulbs & humidifier pads. Also, if you incur a power shortage — the thermostat will memorize the settings and schedules you set, so there is no need to reset everything. In all, Honeywell claim that you can save as much as 33% off your annual bill (incl. heating and cooling) & in turn ends up paying for itself & more.

Dimensions: 1.2 x 9 x 8.2 inches| Rating: 86% (source: | Warranty: 1 yr

RTH7600D Intelligent Thermostat Overview

Design & Features

The RTH7600D is essentially a minor upgrade to the RTH7500D, but essentially still incorporates many of the features that the RTH7500D does — so it is also programmable over 7 days (in 4 periods for each day), is integrated with the smart response technology as well auto change for heating & cooling to reach a comfortable temperature for you. The back-lit user interface is a little larger though at 6.6 sq. in. and is also a touch screen, unlike the physical buttons with the RTH7500D.

Specifications & Aspects

Again, though it displays all the relevant settings: the time (which accounts or day-light saving) the desired temperature & actual temperature (which can be altered between fahrenheit and celsius) — along with popping up a range of notifications. Moreover, you have the option to select precise temp range stops, so it can never reach as low as ‘x’ degrees F or as high as ‘y’ degrees F.

Dimensions:6 x 1 x 3.2 inches | Rating: 86% (source: | Warranty: 1 year

Difference Between the RTH7500D and RTH7600D

In all then, apart from minor design variations — the only real difference between the two programmable thermostat devices is that the RTH7600D comes with a larger display screen that is also a ‘touchscreen’ interface. Many of the same qualities and aspects with the thermostats are identical to one another.

Which Thermostat Should You Buy the RTH7500D or RTH7600D?

There is a price difference of about $20, with the RTH7500D being priced at around $70 and RTH7600D at $90 (sourced: & on that basis I would go for the RTH7600D, given that I am a bit of a nerd and like the fact that I can alter all the settings via a simpler to use & larger touchscreen interface. However, in terms of pure value for money, I’d advise you to go for the RTH7500D (as it will pay for itself much quicker + earn/save you money in the long run). But which smart programmable thermostat will you buy and why?

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