Honeywell RTH7600D Vs RTH8500D: Comparing the RTH8500D and RTH7600D

RTH7600D or RTH8500D – Which is Best for You?

This account will briefly compare two ‘smart’ thermostats from Honeywell — RTH7600D Vs RTH8500D, providing an overview of them both and a concluding section pin-pointing their differences. In turn, this will allow you to get a clear idea as to what each device can offer you and which you feel is best for your home.

RTH7600D Intelligent Thermostat Overview

Design & Features

Produced to be a very simple to use (coming with a large back-lit user touch interface) yet intelligent thermostat. Its integrated smart response technology, so it will automatically and continuously alter the heating & cooling of your home to the prescribed temperature at the corresponding scheduling periods you set (across seven days, with 4 periods for each day). So not only will you feel comfortable, you will also be seriously cutting back on your bills — providing you the “ability to save up to 33% on annual heating and cooling costs” hence the thermostat will pretty much pay for itself & more.

Display Size: 6.6 sq inches. Displays: Time, Room Temp & Desired Temp.

Specifications & Aspects

Moreover, it comes with a range of notifications such as: a required filter change, replace humidifier pads & UV bulbs. It also has a day light saving time and has the ability to be compatible with both the heating & cooling units (as well as the heat pump systems in your household). Also, even in a power outage your date, time & heater settings will be stored and will carry on as per usual once power is restored.

Dimensions:6 x 1 x 3.2 inches | Rating: 86% (source: | Warranty: 1 year

RTH8500D Intelligent Thermostat Overview

Design & Features

The RTH8500D is actually very similar to the RTH7600D, they both work on the seven day scheduling program with 4 period increments in each day (e.g. so you can have it turned off when you are at work, but to switch on just before you get back) & will work to automatically work either through cooling or heating to reach your desired comfortable temp. The user interface is again touch screen (although slightly bigger) and is incredibly easy to use, allowing you to set the temperature to exact degree (F).

Display Size: 10 sq inches. Displays: Time, Room Temp & Desired Temp.

Specifications & Aspects

Like the RTH7600D it is a Do-It-Yourself installation, which should take no longer than 15 minutes when following the instruction manual guide. Furthermore, it is fitted with pretty much all the same aspects, read outs and technology (e.g. smart response) as the RTH7600D model. It does also come with the vacation hold feature as well though — where you can basically set the thermostat to hold for your holiday period (saving you on energy bills) and have it resume back to normal just before you get back.

Dimensions: 10 x 9 x 2 inches | Rating: 88% (source: | Warranty: 1 year

Difference Between the RTH8500D and RTH7600D

As you can see from the account overviews above, both thermostats are very similar with regards to specifications & features — the only significant difference is that the RTH8500D comes with a larger touch screen and has the vacation mode installed whereas the RTH7600D doesn’t.

Note: both models do not work with an electric baseboard heat mechanism.

Which Smart Thermostat Should You Buy the RTH8500D or RTH7600D?

There is a price difference of around $45 (sourced from with the RTH8500D being priced at $130 and the RTH7600D at $85 — so in terms of value for money the RTH7600D is the model in this regard & in turn would be the model that I opted for. But which ‘clever’ Honeywell thermostat will you buy and why?

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