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Hoover 7412 Vs 7452: Comparing the Max Extract F7412 and F7452

7412 or 7452 – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will compare two very popular vacuum carpet washers from Hoover — F7412900PC Vs F7452900 — providing a brief account of both, so you know exactly what each machine offers you & then going on with concluding sections to highlight their differences, so you can figure out which is the best machine for you.

7412 Max Extract Overview

Design & Practical Features

An upright vacuum cleaner designed specifically for effective cleaning of carpets & upholstery through using a range of scrubbing & heated washing technology (detailed below) in combination with a powerful suction (generated through a 12 Amp motor). With regards to practical specifications it offers a cord length of 20ft + 8ft hose length, you can adjust the height on three separate levels, offers a clean water capacity of 1 gallon & comes with an extra wide nozzle of 13 inches.

Dimensions: 20.2 x 15.8 x 29.2 inches | Weight: 26.9 lbs

Cleaning Performance & Technology

Specifically, the Max Extract Dual V Wide path uses spin scrub ’60’ technology which basically incorporates unique counter rotating brushes to wash each individual carpet fiber — from which you can set three specific options: spill pick up (just suction), gentle scrub (scrubbing gently) and power scrub (for particularly dirty areas) — as well as the DualV Nozzle in combination with the 12 amp motor that focuses edge-to-edge cleaning to efficiently remove dirty water from carpets.

Accessories & Attachments

Furthermore, it comes with the wide-path nozzle (an extra 6th brush essentially) making cleaning more efficient & easier as well as ‘edge cleaning bristles’ to clean skirting & baseboards. You will notice that it also comes with a n automatic detergent mixing system, so it will always get just the right ratio of water-to-detergent that is most optimal for cleaning.

The on-board accessories & cleaning equipment are as follows: the spin scrub powered hand tool (basically for cleaning stairs etc.) & an upholster tool (just suction).

Rating: 84% from over 1,200 reviews (sourced: amazon.com) | Warranty: 1 year

7452 Max Extract Overview

Design & Practical Features

Slightly different to the 7412 in that this model is aimed at not only carpets but hard floor cleaning as well (due to it coming with the squeegee tool), although still being installed with many of the same cleaning technology, design & an overall similar mechanism of cleaning. Where likewise it has a dirty water capacity of a gallon, a widepath nozzle width of 13 inches, operates on the same 12 amp motor & offers the same overall max cleaning length (cord length: 20ft + hose length: 8 ft).

Dimensions: 20.2 x 15.8 x 29.2 inches | Weight: 29.9 lbs

Cleaning Performance & Technology

Again, it utilizes the spinscrub 60 technology as well as the Dual V to gently yet thoroughly was all our carpet fibers and operates on the same three modes (so you can choose appropriately, which is best for what job). But, it comes with an extra features the auto rinse which allows you to half cleaning time as it rinses whilst it washes. Moreover, it offers the edge cleaning bristles, auto detergent mixing system (all you have to do is instert the detergent — provided) as well as the intuitive fingertip control system.

Accessories & Attachments

You also get the same array of tools — the spinscrub powered hand tool, 8 ft hose (bare floor tool), upholstery crevice tool & tool caddy along with the squeegee tool

Rating: 78% from over 750 reviews (sourced: amazon.com) | Warranty: 1 year

The Difference Between the F7412 and F7452

The only significant differences between the 7412 & 7452 come in the fact the latter model can clean both soft & hard floors and also comes with the auto rinse feature — the technology & practical specifications are pretty much identical (apart from the 7452 is somewhat heavier).

Which Max Extract Should You Buy the F7412 or F7452?

As they are roughly the same price of just over $200 (from amazon.com), I would advise you to go for the Hoover Max Extract F7452 given the extra features installed & in general ‘extra’ value provided (outlined above). But which hoover max extract will you buy and why?

Moreover, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison of the 7412 or 7452 please make them below (and if you’ve found this account useful please give it a like or share).

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