Hopeful Americans to Embrace Support A Black President Now

Black President

Dr. Ben Carson is giving some Americans a reason to embrace and support another Black President of the United States of America. The retired Neurosurgeon is a political newcomer that is making a strong push to be the Republican nominee for President. Yes, I said Republican nominee. But after 8 years of Barak Obama is America ready to embrace and support another Black President?

American youth are much less divided over race than older Americans. Don’t get me wrong; it’s an understatement to say that we still have a serious race divide across all segments of the country. But young people are closing the gap on racial reconciliation faster than their parents did. Dr. Carson has got to have a lot of support from the 18 – 35 age group if he’s going to have a chance to become President. My guess is 20+ % support from young people.

Do I really need to say anything about Dr. Carson getting support from Democrats? First, he’s a Republican. Secondly, he’s a Black Republican. Anyone remember how the Bush Presidency used a very popular Colin Powell to legitimize that administrations cause? Democrats, and especially Black Democrats, won’t be color blinded this time around. My guess is 15+% support from Democrats.

Dr. Carson’s professional accomplishments and religious ideology aligns him with Republicans. The question is, will Republicans align themselves with Dr. Carson. He’s getting good support from them now but can he sustain and grow that support? My guess is 25+% support from Republicans.

Black Americans won’t be color blinded this time around. President Obama already did the first Black President thing. So Dr. Carson, and any future candidates of color, are going to have to be on point with issues that are important to Black people if they want to become President of the United States. My guess is 20+% support from Black Americans.

White Americans made the difference in electing President Obama President. Dr. Carson has to appeal to this same constituency to pull off a run at the White House. A huge portion of the populace has respect for Dr. Carson as a surgeon. Some of that respect could translate into votes from White males for Dr. Carson.

Hispanic Americans have become power players in the political arena. They make up a huge voting block that could be the swing vote in political races. Dr. Carson’s views on immigration and healthcare could be major decision makers among Hispanic voters. My guess is 15+% support from Hispanic Americans.

Dr. Carson is a deeply religious man that won’t be afraid to speak to his faith. Chances are good that he will lean heavily on his faith when making decisions. I believe a President by the name of Abraham Lincoln was known for doing the same. Those were different times. The question for Dr. Carson is how close can he come to the religious right without compromising his beliefs? Or better yet, is his ideology and the Religious Right one and the same? My guess is 25+% support from the Religious right.

Guys are all about the Alpha Dog. Will Dr. Carson be able to present himself as a strong enough leader? The US Military has suffered a steady decline through recent administrations. That’s affecting the war machine cash flow. It also affects how Americans see America. Dr. Carson can’t afford to come across as a Presidential dove.

There was a time when it appeared that it helped to be the better-looking candidate to get the female vote. Fortunately, women are much more sophisticated these days. They have a strong political voice and use it to advocate for issues like family, women’s rights, and equal pay. Dr. Carson is a family man and has worked closely with professional women. He also remembers his mothers struggle to raise he and his brother as a single parent. My guess is 30+% support from female voters.

The 2016 presidential race may not be so much about Race as it is about the race this time around? Dr. Carson doesn’t have the “first Black President” momentum that Barak Obama had in 2008. That means he has to find away to distinguish himself from the crowd. Are you ready to embrace and support another Black president now? What do you think Dr. Carson’s chances of becoming President are and why?