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Horizon Fitness EX-59 Vs EX-59-02: Comparing the EX-59 & EX-59-2


What’s the Difference Between the EX-59 and EX-59-02?

Here, we are going to quickly highlight the significant differences between the Horizon fitness EX-59 & upgraded EX-59-02 elliptical trainers. As you can see the EX-59-2 is designed as the replacement for the EX-59, an upgrade to provide you with a better overall workout experience.

The EX-59-02 takes on very much the same mantra as its predecessor, not the ‘best’ elliptical machine out there, but stands out as a quality, user friendly and affordable option. It provides you with a comfortable and intense workout without all the bells and whistles & they have managed to keep it at the exact same price of $630.

Weight: 145 lbs | Dimensions: 44 x 31 x 18 inches | Rating: 88% (sourced

It still retains the classic six star certified technology (for more details) that Horizon fitness place on all their ellipticals: optimized handles bars, low step on platform, heavy duty fly wheel mechanism, zerogap ergonomic pedal placement design, an 18 inch flat-ellipse footpath and design to promote StraightUp body posture. They also take on the same sturdy framework capable of accommodating for a max user weight caHorizon Fitness EX-59 Vs EX-59-02: Comparing the EX-59 & EX-59-2pacity of 275 lbs.

Moreover, it comes with an integrated heart rate monitor, with the grip placements positioned in the stationary handles which is displayed (along with all the other vital metric readouts) in its 5 inc LCD screen. From this, you can also choose from 10 different workout programs — each targeting a specific fitness goal (e.g. calories, weight loss, interval training etc.).

It also comes with all the other standard ‘luxury’ features as well such as the sonic surround sound speakers (that can link up with your iPod touch and what not) so you can immerse yourself in the workout by listening to music or an audiobook aloud. The cool fit fans are also still there, so you can keep yourself comfortable when working out.

Horizon Fitness EX-59 Vs EX-59-02: Comparing the EX-59 & EX-59-2Now for where the major difference comes between the EX59 and EX59-02 elliptical machines, both utilize heavy duty flywheels with magnetic brake resistance to offer a smooth and fluid workout, but the EX-59-02 can offer an additional six levels of resistance in comparison to the EX-59 (which only offered 10) — a fairly significant amount for an elliptical machine priced well under the $650 mark.

So really, not a lot has gone on to improve the EX-59, they have simply added 6 extra levels of resistance to an already very well regarded elliptical machine, with the EX-59-02 but have maintained the same price level — so essentially they have improved the value for money aspect further. Another minor change is the design, the EX-59 was finished with dark and light greys whereas the EX-59-02 is now pretty much all black (as you can see from the images).

In all, it is a very decent quiet and stable elliptical machine that will provide you with an intense but low impact & smooth workout — a great option for those who want to workout at home, but not have to sell a limb to do so.

Which Should You Buy the Horizon Fitness EX-59 or EX-59-02?

As there isn’t too much of a difference between them, I would go for whichever model is considerably cheaper than the other (check for the best prices). However, in all likelihood they will pretty quickly phase out the EX-59 and just stick with the EX-59-02.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison overview of the Horizon Fitness EX-59 Vs EX-59-02 then please make them below. Also, if you have found this article useful at all please be sure to give it a like (heart) or share.

Horizon Fitness EX-59 Vs EX-59-02: Comparing the EX-59 & EX-59-2
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