Horizon Fitness EX-69 Vs EX-69-2: Comparing the EX69 & EX69-2

What’s the Difference Between the EX-69 and EX-69-2?

The following comparison account will quickly provide you with an overview of each model, the older EX-69 and the new model EX-69-2, this will allow you to quickly identify the key differences between the two Horizon fitness elliptical machines and give you a platform on which is the better long term investment.

Key Differences & Who Wins

Comparing the two reviews below there is only one significant difference and another minor one: a difference in electronic resistance levels, the EX-69 has 10 whereas the EX-69-2 offers you double that at 20, giving you more variation in the intensity of your workout. The second factor is the design change, you can visually see the differences by checking out the images below – the gray aspects of the EX-69-2 are slightly darker. In all, thought there isn’t that much difference. But still… the winner: Horizon Fitness EX-69-2

Horizon Fitness EX-69 Elliptical Overview

As with all Horizon fitness equipment, the EX-69 elliptical comes certified with their special Six feature Certification platform, meaning it provides you with: i) zero gap – ergonomic designs to reduce stress on your joints & lower back. ii) Straight up – further design implications to promote correct body posture, helping you to workout harder & longer. iii) Easy-on & Easy-off, a 10 inch platform. iv) FLATellipse – to promote a natural motion. v) Optimized Handle Bars – to help accommodate all user sizes and vi) Drive pully – to ensure a smooth and effective workout motion.

Rating: 82% ‘Quality Elliptical‘ (sourced amazon.com)

Specifically, it comes with a whole range of features. With regards to the control mechanism it is integrated with a heavy duty 17.6 lb flywheel to aid natural movement and for it to be quiet in operation w& is fitted with a magnetic resistance system that offers 10 resistance levels, to adjust ‘how hard you want the workout to be’.

Best Price: Under $900 | ‘Best in Class’ Lifetime Warranty Coverage

The LED centralized computer system integrated has a lot of cool aspects too. It has two monitors side by side as well as alphanumeric window that gives you real time read outs of your workout e.g. heart rate (measured through the contact grips on the static handles bars), calories burned, distance, speed etc. that also comes with a fitness goal tracking center as well as a range of 11 specialized workout programs to choose from. The system is also installed with surround sound speakers, so you can plug in your iPod touch and zone yourself out with music as you work out. There is even a fan to help cool yourself down whilst you work.

User Capacity: 300 lbs | Dimensions: 73 by 22 by 65 inches | Weight: 182 lbs

EX-69-2 Elliptical Machine Overview

The upgrade is basically just a subtle tweaking of the EX-69 elliptical machine with a lot of the standard features, details and attributes remaining. So it still has the Horizon Fitness SixStar aspects, to ensure the elliptical machine is a top of the range piece of exercise equipment that will ensure you an intensive yet very well supported workout. Moreover, it is integrated with the same 17.6 lbs flywheel, however there is a slight change here — instead of the 10 resistance levels that is provided with the EX-69, with the EX-69-2 you get 20. Doubling the variation and customization abilities with regards to the intensity of your workout.

Best Price: Under $800 | Rating: 84% ‘Loving it’ (sourced amazon.com)

Also, you can see from comparing the two images of the EX-69 & EX-69-2 it has undergone slight design change. Other aspects remain the same however, the EX-69-2 has the same fitness tracking monitor installed (providing you with the 31 day fitness track), sonic speaker system etc. Moreover, it capable of supporting a max user weight of 300 lbs and comes with the awesome life time warranty coverage program.

Which Should You Buy the EX-69 or EX-69-2?

Despite, the improvements made with the EX-69-2, they are still pretty much the same price at around the $800 mark. In which case it is obvious that you should go for the new update over the older model, given that you are getting a better quality elliptical exercise machine for pretty much the same price. The only reason you should get the EX-69 over the EX-69-2, is if you can find it somewhere else for a significantly cheaper price.

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