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Horizon Fitness EX-79 Vs EX-79-2: Comparing the EX79 EX79-2


What’s the Difference Between the EX-79 and EX-79-2?

Here, we will give you a brief overview of both premium Horizon fitness elliptical machines, the predecessor EX-79 and the new upgrade EX-79-2, highlighting both their features & attributes through summarizing the key significant differences (just below) & deciding on an overall ‘winning machine’. From this, you will get a clear indication as to which is the better elliptical for you to go ahead and buy.

Key Differences & Who Wins

Horizon Fitness EX-79 Vs EX-79-2: Comparing the EX79  EX79-2The Winner: Horizon Fitness EX-79-2

It is here with regards to the centralized computer monitor that the only real significant change has been undertaken with the new model replacing the LED display of the slightly ‘old fashioned looking’ LED monitor in place with the EX-79. Where the display was all a bit cramped together and it was hard to decipher information from such a small screen, forcing you to scroll through one display to the next, just to see how your heart was doing, then back to another see how many calories you had burned.

Horizon fitness have improved this dramatically with a new modern, up to date display system that has a crystal clear blue screen from which you can read all your workout diagnostic metrics at once: incline level, heart rate (measured through the heart monitor grips provided on the static handlebars), speed, speed etc. with additional options to alter the fans speed, rpm etc. Moreover, it is now compatible with Nike + (iPod Touch equipped fitness tracking) and comes with 11 specialized motivation workout programs as well as the advanced 31 day goal center and three specified workout with regards to rolling, mountain and reverse training.

Another minor difference, is the slight change in design — although they are still pretty much both the same, just the EX-79-2 has a slightly darker gray tone to it.

Horizon Fitness EX-79 Vs EX-79-2: Comparing the EX79  EX79-2Everything Else Remains the Same

They both come with the classic Horizon fitness SixStar certification to ensure that it is a quality piece of exercise equipment that will provide you with an intensive but fully supported and comfortable workout (for more information on their certification). It offers power incline to increase the resistance level, naturally, which is aided with the fact the pedal systems have maxtone arches to them to ensure you’re fully supported & all the movements are natural.

EX-79 & EX-79-2 also work on the same drive system: a heavy duty flywheel that offers 20 levels of resistance to vary the intensiveness of the workout and provides a ‘smooth, fluid movement’ all at whisper quiet levels. The stride lengths are 20 inch precision, ideal for anyone with a height range between 5 ft 6 and 6 ft 3.

In all, both are extremely well regarded elliptical machines that will offer you an awesome workout in the comfort of your own home. Extremely well rated at 80% plus (sourced

Dimensions: 75 x 22 x 65 inches | Weight: 177 lbs | User Weight Capacity: 325 lbs

Which Should You Buy the EX-79 or EX-79-2?

Considering, the only real difference between the two exercise units is the ‘more advanced’ LED console that comes with the EX-79-2, it’s obvious that the EX-79-2 is the better of the two. However, Horizon fitness have kept it at the same price at just under $1000. So as you are essentially getting more value for your money, I’d definitely advise you to go with the new updated model. (Unless of course, you can find the EX-79 much cheaper, but I doubt you’ll be able to do — still worth a try though).

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison of the Horizon Fitness EX-79 Vs EX-79-2 then please make them below. Also, if you have this article to be useful at all, please be sure to give it a like or share.

Horizon Fitness EX-79 Vs EX-79-2: Comparing the EX79  EX79-2
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