Horoscope by Date of Birth

A horoscope by date of birth is intended to help predict an individual’s future in life in regard to personality traits, remedies, wealth, love and marriage, overall health and diseases, travel opportunities and summary of life.

3 pieces of data are required to compile a birth chart: Your birth date, your time of birth (when you first cried) and the place of your birth. Your birth date is the day, month and year of your birth. Your birth time is the time of your birth to the minute when first cried and the place of birth is the city or nearest city where you were born. Usually 30 kilometers accuracy longitude and latitude is fine.

Ray Bradbury - Birth and Death
A horoscope by date of birth, or Janam Kundali, will show how planet energies will be expressed which is dictated by your zodiac sign and control how personality traits operate, what type of energy you have dictated by the planets which form your personality traits, where planets in zodiac signs will manifest showing areas of life where traits are active and aspects which show the interaction between these traits.

A birth chart will show the positions of planets and stars in the twelve houses at the time of birth and is drawn by an astrologer as a physical representation. Ephemeris data is used to map celestial objects at the time and place of your birth. Ephemeris data is data of where celestial objects were at a certain period in time. If the exact time of birth is not known then a solar chart can be used which basis the using the positions of the sun at midnight or noon. Some believe that noon is better because the largest margin of error there can be is 12 hours.

A horoscope by date of birth is scientific in nature relying on empirical data of the positioning of stars and planets as they were at the time of birth. There is no guess work involved if the exact dates and locations of birth are accurate. Most charts are drawn from a geocentric or Earth centric position however there is no reason why they could not be created from a different planet or the sun as a central position.

A horoscope by date of birth is also known as birth chart, natal chart, birth horoscope, natus, radix, genethliac chart, natal horoscope or Janam Kundali as well as many others.