Hospet – the place that is gateway to one of the richest cities of ancient times

Hospet is a city in Karnataka and it is most famous for the World Heritage Site of Hampi. There are many tourist attractions near Hospet. Nearest airport to the city is in Bellary. Read more.


Hospet is a city in the Bellary district of Karnataka. It is rich in iron ores and recently become a hotspot of iron production. Hospet is located alongside the river Tungabhadra and falls some 12 km from the World Heritage Site of Hampi. It was built in 1520 by Krishna Deva Raya. He was an eminent ruler of the historic Vijayanagara Empire and had built the city in the memory of his mother. Her name was Nagalambika and hence the place was initially called Nagalapura. But in common language, people started calling it Hosa Pete which meant ‘a new city’. Hence, the place came to be known as Hospet. Some parts of it are still known as Nagalapura. Every traveller who came from the West Coast and Goa used to pass through the gate of Nagalapura, which served as an entrance to the Vijayanagara Empire. Today, the place is an important city of the state and there are a number of hotels in Hospet serving well to the hundreds of tourists that arrive in the city. Hospet is 330 km from Bangalore.

Travellers and tourists come to Hospet to visit the site of Hampi in particular. Hampi is nowadays a small village site which is known for its historic significance. It was one of the largest and richest world cities of ancient times. Its location was inside the city of Vijayanagara which was the capital of the then empire. Although Vijayanagara is mostly in its ruins now, the site of Hampi is now a cultural landmark and heritage of the state. It also represents the religious aspect of the place and the Virupaksha Temple is an example of that. It has several historic and religious sites around.

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Another attraction in Hospet is the Tungabhadra Dam. It is a popular tourist site and serves as a resource for irrigation and electricity generation as well. Daroji Bear Sanctuary is also a famous tourist site in Hospet and offers a glimpse into the flora and fauna of the region. Sri Jambunatha Temple on the Jambunatha Gudda hill is also worth a visit for the devotees. The origin of this place is linked to Hindu Mythology of Ramayana and it is said that the water of this place can cure certain diseases. It is believed that Jambavantha came here to meditate and set up a Shivalinga as well. The temple on the Anantashayana hill is also a popular spot. It is a place of worship of Lord Vishnu. July to February is the best time to visit Hospet. There are both luxury and budget accommodations in Hospet. Tourists generally book hotels in Hospet with tariff that is reasonable for a longer stay. You can choose a hotel according to your preferences and budget.