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Hospital gowns for pregnant women

How do hospital gowns for pregnant women ignite more gems? Beware

It is a scandal of the most outrageous kind, by a recent scientific study from the Texas Medical Center in Jerusalem revealed in the prestigious ‘American Journal of Infection Control’ was. Because the researchers were able to prove resilient, that emanates from the white coats of doctors and nurses in clinics and hospitals, a significant risk of infection. The reason: Overalls of the half-and minor gods in white is usually thoroughly with the highly dangerous multidrug-resistant hospital germs ‘MRSA’. The situation is so scary that even Arne Simon, a member of the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention at the Robert Koch Institute, the rigorous banishment of white coat out of the hospital operation calls.

White coat as a threatening

The research group led by Dr. Yonit Wiener-Well, the white working clothes of hospital personnel – 60 doctors and 75 nurses / inside had made such information available – closely scrutinized. They paid particular attention to the textile regions around his waist, sleeves and pockets, because there are most likely to come to direct contact with the patient contacts. What happened at this inspection to the ‘fore’ a pretty bad light on the understanding of hygiene and cleanliness in the normal hospital operations. Because: At just under 65% of the checked coat the various bacterial strains were established covering areas such as domestic. Including the dreaded terror law with every hospital patients: MRSA. Where does this terrible mess?

Actually, it should be for everyone a matter of course hospital staff, change the hospital gowns for pregnant women worn on a daily basis against a freshly washed and sterilized successor. As I said, really. The sordid facts but look completely different. Because this top bid of textile care only come close to 60% after the white-coat carrier. And even worse: 18% belong to the anonymous respondents, the lion’s share of the medical profession, one frankly confessed, to wear their hospital gowns for pregnant womens for almost a week. No wonder that there can get the most exotic habitats undisturbed for good flowering. Considering this, the furious speed with which bacteria multiply, then you can really only wonder why these hospital gowns for pregnant women’s look after all still white, and thus suggest a more deceptive than cleanliness.

How can hospital gowns for pregnant women be dangerous for pregnant women?

Is silent on this sensitive issue, the study unfortunately. Whether there was a crow peck out the eye no other, may be there. But it does not take much imagination to here with the simple multiplication of infectious diseases even calculate how explosive can be one too intimate touch with the doctor, the nurse or the nurse. In any case, you’d better not take a chance on it.

What could we do about it?

Hygiene experts strongly recommend that you be sure to follow the commandment of the daily change of coat – no matter what salary level you belong to. In addition, short-sleeved hospital gowns for pregnant women are favored, and where no sleeves this can in fact settle no germs. As a third point, the experts demand the creation of additional plastic aprons. And of course: hand hygiene!

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