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Host a wine themed Wedding

In today’s world every one and anyone wants their wedding to have a distinct look and feel about it. This craving for doing something different from others, have given birth to the concept of theme weddings. Gone are the days, when people used to opt for royal themes or fantasy themes for their weddings, today’s bride and grooms want offbeat themes like a Wine themed wedding. A theme that is easy to replicate and also fun and different.

Here are pointers to keep in mind while hosting a wedding with a Wine theme.

Choose a Wine yard: The first and most crucial factor that needs to be decided in such a case is the location. As it is a wine themed occasion it is but obvious that the ceremonies will be held at a wine yard. The first & foremost task is to choose one. Now days, there are various wine yards that are being let out for wedding ceremonies. Look for one that is spacious enough to accommodate your guests. Also, you need to see how accessible the location is. Remember, that your family, friends and guests have to travel to the location to attend the ceremonies and hence the location needs to be such that they can reach easily. If you are planning a remote location wedding, then ensure that the wine yard has adequate accommodation where your guests can put up.

Choose your Wine with care: A wine yard is incomplete without wine. Hence, while choosing food and wine ensure that you choose the best in class. Ideally, you can take help from yard owners to help you zero on to the wine that they produce, which is best in terms of quality and taste. Ensure that you serve the best in class wine at the ceremonies.

Have Activities: The whole idea of having a Wine themed weddingis that you can have a day wedding with lots of activities that will keep your guests engaged and entertained. You can speak to the yard owners and arrange some fun and offbeat games or activities for your guests. Ensure that one of the activities include a wine yard tour. The tour may lead to wine tasting. Also, if you want to make ceremony it really special then you can have a grape stomping session for your guests. However, ensure that you stock up the place with adequate boots, gloves and aprons as your guests would spoil their dress otherwise.

Indulge in the theme: A lot can be experimented when it comes to a wine themed occasion. You can opt for scroll invitation cards that are beautifully adorned with grape figures and gift them with a bottle of wine. Ensure that the bride and groom wear wine colored clothes that will be in sync with the theme. Also, you can gift your guests a bottle of wine as a thank you gift post the wedding.Remember, to have fun organizing your wedding after all it’s your day.

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