Hot Air Balloon Rides MN – Minnesota From the Air!

Looking for hot air balloon rides? MN has plenty of options to get you up in the air floating over the land of 10,000 lakes, or around the Twin Cities if you prefer. If you have never experienced a view of Earth from the peaceful basket of a hot air balloon you are in for a treat. Unlike flying in a plane, a hot air balloon drifts silently across the landscape, offering you a bird’s eye view of everything you pass. Here are some of the best options for those looking to get up in a balloon in the Gopher state.

Hot Air Balloon Rides in the Twin Cities

Stillwater Balloons offers rides in the city of Stillwater just East of the Twin Cities. Stillwater is a great town to visit with many dining options and located on the beautiful St. Croix river. Your balloon ride will take you along the St. Croix river valley, where many citizens of the cities spend their weekends enjoying the clean water and many sand bars. Another excellent option in the area is Aamodt’s Hot Air Balloon rides, where the St. Croix is also on tap.

Balloon Ascensions Unlimited, located in the town of Jordan southwest of the Twin Cities offers tranquil rides over the countryside and even heads up for winter flights, offering a unique hot air balloon ride in Minnesota. Not far from Prior Lake and Shakopee, from your flight in Jordan you can easily hit the casino or race track for a complete day of fun. Speaking of Shakopee, Minnesota Valley Balloons is another option in that city, with rides around the majestic Minnesota river that meanders through the Twin Cities, eventually joining with the Mississippi between Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Greater MN

When you are up North, check out Steve Johnson Hot Air Balloon in Duluth, Minnesota. The ‘refrigerated city’, located on the bluffs overlooking the beautiful Lake Superior, is a fantastic place to catch some air in a balloon. Steve will fly year-round and show you just how beautiful the area around Duluth really is. If you get near the lake while you’re in Duluth, see how long you can stand in the water without jumping out. This lake rarely gets above 40 degrees.

In southern Minnesota, StarDrifter Rides is an option, located in the college town of Mankato. Mankato is an easy drive from the cities but offers rural views from the ride, available all year. Try a sunrise or sunset trip for a unique and awesome experience. To the east you can find the Rochester Balloon Company, located in Rochester. This is the same city of the world-renowned hospitals and is a bustling small city in southeast Minnesota.

Whether you are riding for an anniversary, a wedding, or just for fun, a hot air balloon ride is an experience you will not soon forget. When in the Twin Cities, up north, or in southern Minnesota, you will find great options for hot air balloon rides. MN will never look the same.