Hot Air Balloons: My Flights of Fancy

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I still haven’t had the opportunity to take a hot air balloon ride, but I’m still fascinated with them. Just going along with the wind and enjoying the peace, quite and of course the scenery. Friends know my love of hot air balloons and are always sending me pictures they think I will enjoy.

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So I’m sharing a few of those pictures with you, in what I call ‘Hot Air Balloons: My Flights of Fancy.’ I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.Thanks for reading.

Some balloonist will ask you help prepare the balloon for launch. This means getting up early and meeting them at the launch point, or a pick up point where they will drive you to the launch point.

Helping could involve unloading the basket or gondola, and unrolling the balloon so the process of inflating and launching can begin. This is where a lot of sleep would be needed.

The price for a ride will depend on the company you choose and the day you schedule your ride.

Weekdays appear to be cheaper than the weekends, but you can expect to pay at least $200 plus on the weekdays, and at least $300 plus on weekends.

Once you get pass whatever fear is present, you can enjoy the ride, the peace, the quiet and the view.

I’m sure this would give you the feeling of flying or floating in the sky. Dreams come true? There are green fields, lawns, vineyards, roads and cars. I believe this does gives new meaning to the term ‘birds eye view.’

I’m told that landings can be either rough or gentle, and of course I’m all for gentle landings. It would be rather hard getting out of a gondola lying on the ground, filled with three people!

This is when the ride is over and a retrieval vehicle will meet the balloon at the landing site.

They will pack up the balloon and take you back to their offices where you can celebrate your ride with a champagne breakfast, and any other event or festivities that comes with the balloon ride package you purchased.

After enjoying your balloon ride, and all the different scenery, it finally comes to an end with your champagne breakfast that will be provided for you.

All balloon ride packages are basically the same. The differences will come in which theme you choose, the amount of people in your group, the day you schedule, and the state or country the ride is in.

I hope you enjoyed this look at some of my favorite balloon pictures, and I also hope you enjoy the little video I made for you. The title is, what else? ‘Flights of Fancy!’




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Hot Air Balloons: My Flights of Fancy, Seekyt
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