Hot Tub Etiquette

Sadly, no modern etiquette books cover hot tub etiquette. It’s probably because hot tubs weren’t as big a deal back in Victorian days when they came up with all the etiquette rules in the first place.

But hot tubs are a big deal now, and there are a lot of ways to be rude without meaning to. Luckily, The Cover Guy is on the case. Here are the rules to follow:

1. Use the stairs to get into and out of a hot tub. Too many attempts to enter a hot tub smoothly from the side end in a person slipping and falling and splashing and hurting all over.

2. Rinse off before and after using a hot tub. Rinsing off before can help to reduce the dirt and bacteria you bring into the tub. It can also go a long way to keeping the hot tub pH balance level. As a final benefit, it can help to keep hot tub foam down by rinsing residual laundry detergent from your bathing suit.

3. Speaking of which, don’t wear normal clothes, like t-shirts or shorts, into a hot tub. Normal clothing materials soak up a lot more detergent than swimsuits, and lead to a lot more hot tub foam.

4. Don’t block all the jets. Sit in a place where you get a reasonable number of jets. If there is one seat with tons of jets, let someone else be “that guy” who takes all the hot water for himself.

5. Don’t make it awkward. Everyone is wearing bathing suits. Everyone might feel a little self-conscious. Don’t comment on anyone else’s appearance.

6. Don’t get touchy. A hot tub is not the place to start a group hug.

7. If you are the last one out of the hot tub, put the cover back on to save the host money.
That’s about it! It’s not like we need a whole book like it was fancy dinner etiquette. After all, the first rule of hot tubs is: enjoy yourselves!