News Hot Wheels Stealth Riders: Today’s Ideal Collectible And Toy

Hot Wheels Stealth Riders: Today’s Ideal Collectible And Toy


Hot Wheels Stealth Riders

Hot Wheels has been around for decades offering cool car toys for boys or collectibles for men but what makes Hot Wheels stealth riders on top of the Hot Wheels catalog? Most men have already outgrown these car toys. Yet, the fact that all How Wheels car models are the perfect collectible for them still prevails. Every year boys including men wait for the latest innovation Hot Wheels has to offer. And thus, the time came when the stealth riders came out the market. What makes this Hot Wheels’ latest model the perfect toy and collectible?

Stealth Riders features

Being a small remote controlled car is one of the reasons why this Hot Wheels’ product is a must have. To further expound, these race cars are the smallest of its kind that is out in the market. Another first of its kind quality is its foldable case design. To unleash the race car from its cage, all you need to do is to press the transformation button and it’s ready to run.

Another well liked feature is the speed and alertness. As you know, most remote cars of the same size, which are out in the market, don’t respond well compared to the stealth riders. Furthermore, these race cars have built-in transmitter channel that makes car racing with your friend more exciting. However, a slight problem incurred with these race cars is it’s infra red. TV remotes have a possibility to interfere with its reception. Aside from that, you have to be in close range in order to fully control the Hot Wheels stealth riders.

Another great feature is its ability to save power. How? When this race car is left inactive, it is programmed to automatically off its power. Thus, its battery’s life is greatly saved.

A few drawbacks

There are only few drawbacks you can expect in this latest Hot Wheels invention. One is the infra red minor problem which is already discussed above. All you need to do it to dash it away from your TV and everything is going to be alright.

Another issue is the battery. Most reviews instate that the battery’s run time is within the range of 45 minutes. After that, all 5 batteries should be replaced before it can run again. But overall reviews are all about its greatness and uniqueness.

Buying the Hot Wheels latest product

In buying the Hot Wheels stealth riders you will be able to choose from 5 different cool designs. You can either opt for the Red or Blue Racing Car; the Power Thread Camo or Silver Racer; or last but not the least the Batmobile tumbler. Each package contains the race car, 6 batteries, user manual and some power stride tires. Each stealth rider package is sold for a price of $22.10 at or $24.99 in most retail stores.

With that, all you need to do is to purchase one Hot Wheels stealth riders for your kids or buy them all if you’re an avid Hot Wheels collector.

Hot Wheels Stealth Riders: Today’s Ideal Collectible And Toy
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