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House Is Dark Do You Go In | Standby Generator Restores Lights

Do you really want to get out of the car and go into your dark house where the powers out and you don’t have a standby generator? While driving home from work, you noticed that a storm had knocked out electrical power to homes in the suburbs. You hope that’s not the case where you live in a remote area away from town. As you get closer to home you don’t see any light from where your house should be. The outside lights should be visible from where you are but they’re not. As you pull into the driveway your worse fears are confirmed. The power is out. You live alone in a wooded area. Do you really want to get out of the car and go into a dark house where you don’t have a standby generator?

Get Out Go Inside A Dark House

Being able to have lights on when you get home is a great way to protect yourself and your home. When you have light, it makes you feel safer. But you lose that advantage when the power is out. The Second Amendment to the constitution gives Americans another option that they can use to protect their families and their property. But if you choose to use that option and get out and go inside, it could be very dangerous. It would be much safer to exercise that right and to have some light from a standby generator.

Call A Friend

Maybe you could call a friend that would be willing to come over and go inside with you. The two of you could check the house out together. There’s safety in numbers. Hopefully there are no home invaders in the house. Calling a friend at a time like this could put the both of you in danger.

Stay With Friends Until Power Comes Back

You’ve had power outages before that only lasted a few hours or just overnight. Maybe you could crash at a friends place and wait out the outage. That’s not a problem if the outage only last a few hours or overnight. But what if the outage last for days or weeks. This happens on a much more regular basis that most of us realize (Do you know which state leads the nation in power outages? Click the link below to get the answer).

Note: This is a screenshot of my article ‘No Emergency Home Power Generator and Your Power is Out for Weeks’ that I posted on Google+. Note the comment from Rachel Tracy – Generac Social Media Strategist. Generac is a leading producer of Business and Home Power Generators.

Stay in a Hotel Room

Hopefully it won’t come to you staying in a hotel room because of a power outage but that’s a very real possibility. Staying in a hotel can also be an expensive reality. As we experience more and more Superstorms like Sandy, electrical power grids are being knocked out on massive scales. When that happens, it takes days if not weeks to get power restored.

Go Inside Well Lit House

One of your best options in a situation like this, thanks to your standby generator would be to get out of your car and go into your well lit home. A properly operating standby generator would have detected the power failure and restored power to your home in seconds. A standby generator can run for days or until the power comes back on. Click on the residential generator links on this page to get more information because you don’t want to go into a dark house alone.

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