Household Packing and Storage Tips

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Not everybody is an expert in house removals and goods storage so we thought a few handy hints and tips may be useful to you. As with a lot of advice, most of its common sense but a little reminder now and again doesn’t hurt and there may be something that you hadn’t considered. You might only move house once or twice in your lifetime and although often exciting, it can be a very stressful time with lots of other things to occupy your thoughts.

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Household Packing and Storage Tips, Seekyt

Cardboard storage boxes can be flimsy and the last thing you need is to pick one up and find the bottom falls open and your dinner set drops onto the floor. Use at least three strips of tape and run the strips halfway up or down the sides of the box for strength. For extra strength – tape the box both ways. Remember that taping reinforces the strength of the box all through the moving process, yet tape can be easily cut with a blade later to open the box when unpacking.

Also go for boxes that are at least double walled rather than single walled.

When packing for a move, heavier things like books and canned goods should be packed in smaller boxes, and lighter things in progressively larger boxes. This way smaller and larger boxes will all weigh about the same and none will be too heavy for one person to handle. Small boxes can be fully packed with books and end up only weighing 40 lbs. Larger boxes should be packed with lighter things and should not be packed to exceed 40 lbs.

Clearly mark the contents of storage boxes on them with a permanent marker. If you have 30 identical storage boxes and need to find something in one of them at a later date it will save you a lot of time. There’s nothing worse than wasting time searching through box after box.

If moving large items out of your home, plan ahead. Moving goods such as sofas may result in you needing doors removing to get them out of your home so ensure you are prepared for situations such as this. Sometimes lost screws and fixtures are virtually impossible to replace. Put hardware in a bag, if it goes with a desk or dresser, tape it well to the inside of a drawer where it can be easily found later. If hardware goes with a bed, tape it in a baggie to the bed rails.

If moving valuable items such as dining tables or furniture pieces, tape protective wrap around corners and edges to prevent unsightly chips and scratches from occurring. All glass items should be covered in bubble wrap

Remember to drain fridges and freezers several days before they need to be removed to ensure they contain no moisture on removal day.

If storing items for a considerable length of time, try to store less frequently used items at the back and items you may need quick access to at the front.

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Household Packing and Storage Tips, Seekyt
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