Housekeeping Tips: Common Clutter Culprits

Clutter can cause chaos to your home and to your family. When the house is full of clutter, it makes you and your family feel bad. It also causes anyone who visits to feel bad. You can make your home, your family and even your visitors feel so much better when you know these housekeeping tips. Common clutter culprits are everywhere, when you know what they are and where to find them, you can go about getting rid of clutter. Here are some common clutter culprits to good housekeeping.

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Mail is one of the leading offenders or causes of household clutter.

For instance, some families or individuals may designate an area of the kitchen for their mail. There are various things you may wish to consider to reduce and/or eliminate the amount of mail cluttering your home, whether you keep it in the kitchen or in some other area. Another thing you may want to consider is using email as a means of mail contact, rather than postal contact to help reduce the amount of paper you consume that comes from living, breathing trees.

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Paper Clutter Gets in the Way

Paper media is another common clutter culprit. For instance, any magazines, tabloids and books should be either recycled or properly stored and or on display and within reach when being useful. However, a disarray of such paper media can cause the havoc of clutter. Therefore, it is wise to properly cycle out such items or consider recycling them into new items or even placing them up for sale or up for bid in an online auction. Books and magazines, especially older editions, can do very well in an online auction.

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What Should I do with Good Clutter?

Extra dishes, cooking utensils, pots and pans can be a clutter culprit in some homes. Do you have more than one of every wonderful kitchen item that’s ever been on the market? If so, do you use them regularly? If you do not use your extra kitchen items, you should consider recycling by sending them off to the thrift stores or giving to friends or family who can put them to good use. If your kitchen has extra items that are antique or collectible pieces, you might consider building or buying a bookcase or glass-front cabinet to set them up for display or simply pack them and then label the boxes you pack them in and store them away for safekeeping for future generations. Or then again, you may wish to offer them up in an online auction as well.

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